Getting A Tourist Visa For Your Thai Partner To Visit You Home Country


It is fast approaching the time of year when we start thinking about Christmas and spending time with our nearest and dearest.

Many expats in Thailand choose to head home for the holidays and plan to take their partners with them.

If you are planning to take your Thai partner back to your home country for a visit within the next few months then you need to start collecting your documentary evidence now.

One of the main criteria that the entry clearance will look for is proof of a genuine relationship, so prepare as many documents to help with this as you can.

If you live in Thailand together you can provide joint rental agreements, or your name listed in a yellow tabian baan at your partners home, correspondence for you both going to the same address, photos together at your home.

If you don’t live together then you should provide evidence of regular dates and meetups and phone call/text message proof of contact.

If you have a contract phone in Thailand then your provider may be able to ask your telephone provider for an itemised bill. If you use Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp or LINE app to contact your partner then you can check the information on our website for details of how to download the messages –

Your partner should also supply details of any land or business he/she owns in Thailand or if they have a regular job confirmation from their employer that their job will be kept open for them on their return.

If you are living together in Thailand it may be slightly easier to convince the entry clearance officer of intent to return but this is not always the case so make sure that you have enough documentary proof also.

If you are living overseas and your partner is living in Thailand, then you will need to provide evidence of your previous meetings and contact when you are overseas. Again, you can use the information on our website to help to prove that you are in a genuine relationship.

If you met your partner online, then the situation is more complicated and we recommend that you contact the Key Visa office for advice.

Spending Christmas or any time of year back in your home country with your Thai partner is a great way to grow your relationship, whether or not you intend to live there full time.

Being in a different country shows a different side of people’s characters which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. It is best to find out early how well your Thai partner copes with travelling and adapts to spending time in a different culture.