Avani Hotels Launches a TikTok Channel to Inspire Trendsetting Travellers



Avani Hotels and Resorts, one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing hospitality brands targeting travellers who are socially conscious, curious about cultures, open-minded and adventurous, has jumped on the #TikTokTravel bandwagon with the launch of its own TikTok channel — @AvaniHotels.

TikTok launched the #TikTokTravel challenge as a way to encourage users to upload their best travel memories and share the stories behind them. So far, it has attracted over 32 billion views as cabin-fevered globe-trotters flock to the app in search of inspiring travel-related content while waiting for the international borders to reopen.

The brand currently counts over 30 properties in 15 countries in its portfolio. Each was carefully designed to showcase local cultures through wanderlust-inducing destinations, Instagram-able spots and local guides curated by resident experts.

The brand’s popular AvaniMe Insider Guide programme makes it easier to explore from Bangkok’s buzzing destination all the way to Zambia. By partnering with local taste-makers to produce highly curated city guides, Avani takes culturally-curious guests to districts that usually see very little tourist traffic. Avani also places a high premium on sustainable dining, with chefs working directly with local smallholders and giving indigenous flavours centre stage.

By launching its own dedicated TikTok channel, Avani will be collaborating with leading TikTok-ers to curate and share the Avani Hotels journey and discover under-the-radar experiences around the world through the lens of TikTok content creators. Digital travellers can look forward to short videos spotlighting architectural gems in the area, breezy behind-the-scenes hotel tours or styling tips for the perfect selfie from the pros.

Guests are invited to share their short video journey and experiences when staying with Avani simply by mentioning @AvaniHotels in their TikTok to get featured.

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Source: ไมเนอร์ โฮเทลส์