How to make more sales using the science of neuromarketing


First of all, neuromarketing isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It simply takes long known psychological facts and implements them into marketing.

Let’s start with the area of web copy, instead of talking about your product and what it can do – write about your customer and what they get from it.

Example 1

Our product has a range of benefits to increase sales and maximise profit.

Example 2

You will sell more of your products and make more profit from your website with this product.

Which sentence entices you more to buy? Most people say sentence 2.

Neuromarketing appeals to the unconcious mind or the old brain, the part that is associated with survival, food and sex – the most primitive part of our brain.

This part of the brain is wired to be selfish, to take care only of ourselves. That’s why we need to use the words you and yours a lot to attract and keep the interest of users.

We can also take advantage of the power of reprocity, when you do something for someone they feel obliged to give something back so handing out a freebie is always a great way to start. Do you remember when charity donation forms came through the door? They often came with a free pen!

The unconcious mind is also trained to notice change, so any moving items on a website are likely to attract it. Rotating banners and banners are a good way to show change on your website, just stay away from full width sliders as they slow your website down and reduce conversion rates.

Users are most likely to buy from someone who is similar to them and who they find attractive, so try to add photos of yourself and/or your team onto the website and make them more casual than business like.

Add plenty of testimonials and social proof to your website and include as much information as you can about your reviewers: name, company, location and a photo if possible.

This gives your users a sense of security that other people similar to them have bought and liked your product.

Neuromarketing and design are the future of online sales, if you would like to know more then please contact Gemma via email – [email protected]