Taking Your Thai Girlfriend Home For A Holiday

Key Visa

Now that the Christmas & New Year celebrations are over, many people are planning and setting their goals for 2018.

If you have just spent an amazing time in Thailand with your Thai girlfriend, it may be a little depressing to think about returning home without her.

A lot of expats travel to Thailand over the winter to spend time with their girlfriends or wives and then head back home in the warmer months to work.

Well, guess what…you don’t need to go alone!

Key Visa can help you obtain a tourist visa to UK, Australia or Ireland for your Thai partner so that he or she can go back with you, experience your culture and ultimately see if they would like to live over there.

Some people wrongly assume that they cannot obtain a tourist visa for their partner if their partner has no income of their own. This is not necessarily true as you can sponsor the trip providing you have adequate financial resources. The most important factor is that your partner has a reason to return to Thailand. Part of our service is looking at your individual circumstances and helping you put a strong case together which the immigration clearing officer will accept.

If you wish to discuss obtaining a tourist visa for your partner, you can book a free consultation by emailing Darren McGarry at [email protected]

A tourist visa can allow your partner to spend any where up to six months in your home country, although for the first visa we would recommend just applying for a visit of between 2 and 6 weeks.

Once your partner has successfully obtained one tourist visa and returned home on time, it should be easier to obtain a longer stay next time. However, this shouldn’t be taken as guaranteed, it is important to follow the correct procedure each time and not just assume that the visa will be granted because previous visas were granted.

If you are thinking about taking your girlfriend to live in your home country then it is a good option to apply for a tourist visa first to check that she is comfortable there, before spending a lot of money on a settlement visa application.

Settlement visa applications are possible without previously obtaining a tourist visa, but it’s always best to go through the “acid test” beforehand. I call the tourist visa the “acid test” as it will give you and your partner a great insight into how life will be back in your home country as a couple.

Key Visa have 15 years of experience obtaining both tourist and settlement visas to UK, Australia & Ireland for thousands of happy clients.

Don’t take a risk with your future happiness, talk to Key Visa and make your dreams come true!