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6634 Launches New App

Automotive Press Releases Monday July 24, 2017 17:38 Launches New App
Bangkok–24 Jul–Brand Now Asia
Chat App Provides Car Buyers and Sellers
With Convenience and Support, the largest and most trusted website for new and used cars in Thailand and part of iCar Asia Thailand, has developed an all-new, all-in-one app for car users, One2Car (O2C). Featuring chatting capabilities, the aim is to create a totally secure and convenient channel for buyers of both new and used cars.

With its built-in chat system, One2Car chat provides a new seamless channel for buyers to connect directly with sellers or agents. Vehicle specs and images can be sent directly to the buyer, including clear views from multiple angles and technical information specific to the car. This simplifies the entire decision-making process for buyers, allowing them to get in touch with sellers day or night by chat.

One2car has also released another app especially for dealers under the name “Khai Ngai” or “Easy Sell”, providing sellers with a more effective management of their fleet of cars. As the number of consumers who have downloaded the One2Car app has exceeded 450,000, and as this figure continues to climb, clinching more sales should come easy due to the sheer number of people showing an interest. The Khai Ngai app for dealers will be a major shift on how the dealers and consumers connect. One2car hopes this app will assist car dealers to effectively manage their customers and provide quick and convenient service.
“Chat is one of the most widely-used communication tools among consumers,” says Pornladda Dathratwibul, iCar Asia Thailand’s Country Manager.

“It is an essential tool for companies looking at enhancing customer experience. At one2car, we have integrated a chat system especially for buying and selling cars, which can be used on any platform, including PCs, mobile web and smartphones. Any car buyer can use the chat service and send queries to a seller or they may send a location and set up a time to inspect a car. Car sellers can also follow up with enquiries in a separate chat dedicated to each car,” added Pornladda.

“We launched the chat system on June 15th and over tens of thousands of conversation have already taken place between buyers and sellers. Chat is clearly a vital tool in connecting buyers and sellers quickly and conveniently. When it comes to trading cars online, chat technologies play a critical role in a buyer’s decision on what car to buy,” pointed out Pornladda.

The O2C app has received positive feedback by both buyers and sellers soon after its launch.

The app provides easy-to-use search and save features and functions. When a car match is found in the system, the user is alerted instantly, ensuring no one misses out on a good deal and no time is wasted on endless searches. One2car’s vehicle inspection and financing services also provides buyers with a peace of mind and reduces the time-consuming hassle of interacting with financial institutions.

One2car’s collaboration with the Association of Used Cars has also helped raise the standard of service and safety for online buyers.

The O2C app is now available for download from the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and from the Apple App Store for iPhones.

iCar Asia Thailand, owner of Thailand’s leading online automotive portals,, and is the country’s most well-known and long-trusted consumer website. The launch of this latest app is part of One2car’s commitment to bring convenience, confidence and efficiency to Thai consumers who are buying and selling cars online.

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