Kunini: the experts in electrical, lighting and solar PV solutions


Kunini: the experts in electrical, lighting and solar PV solutions

Kunini, a company which, since its inception in Koh Samui in 2002, has expanded its operations from security to electrical and lighting, solar PV and consulting and design, is now making great strides into the Pattaya marketplace since it established operations here in 2015.

Kunini’s core business is electrical contracting incorporating lighting and a start-to-end design and installation service. By offering all of these services under the Kunini company umbrella, they make it easier and more cost-effective for their customers, as clients are then dealing with just a single contractor who takes care of everything, rather than multiple contractors for each different aspect of a job.

Initially known as Kunini Security when it was formed in August 2002, the company dropped ‘Security’ from their name in 2009 after the electrical and lighting contracting side of its operations became a major part of the business mix. Kunini had begun specialising on quality electrical installations in line with international regulations, and now, after more than a decade of experience in that field, is arguably one of the leaders in Thailand in this space.

The overall business is controlled by Kunini Holdings Limited Partnership, a legally registered Thai company. The company is owned by Mrs Sataporn Parsons, a Thai national. She also acts as the company advisor. Kunini is the Thai name given to the owner’s daughter. The chief operating officer (COO) is Mr Daniel A. Parsons, a British national. Daniel has been managing the business and developing Kunini Operating Systems from the beginning.

Kunini moved out of Koh Samui in 2010 and established its head office in Hua Hin. The company concentrates on projects in Hua Hin, Bangkok and Pattaya.

All of Kunini’s offices are managed by an Operations Manager and projects are managed by a dedicated Project Manager. Kunini invests heavily on staff training and development for its teams. All employees of Kunini receive intensive on-site training.

Kunini’s first venture into the ever-popular home automation business was with Futronix, a leading lighting control system manufacturer from the UK. Futronix is a Thai BOI company with a manufacturing base in Chiang MaiFutronix are innovators who offer high specification products at a low cost of ownership, but without compromising on quality. As such, they were an ideal partner for Kunini.

Kunini started designing and installing Futronix Lighting Control Systems in 2005, and have now installed more than 100 systems domestically and commercially, from high-end villas to restaurants and hotels. Around the same period Kunini started to offer turn-key electrical systems and retro-fits to many residential and commercial projects in Samui and surrounding provinces.

At present the company is expanding its Solar Business for residential and commercial customers. As there is no incentive program available the use of Solar power is for personal consumption, this is ideal for institutions such as hotels, schools, offices, factories and any business that has a high daily power demand. It is also applicable for residential customers who have a high demand with regards to swimming pools, refrigeration, washing machines and home offices. In addition to Solar Rooftop installations for residential customers Kunini has introduced its range of Hybrid Inverters that offer a power back up solution during power outages.

For more information on what Kunini has to offer, visit their website: www.kunini.com, or call them: 038 433 248, 081 892 1992