New Nordic Group aims for a true village atmosphere


New Nordic Group aims for a true village atmosphere

Within the Pattaya real estate landscape the Pratumnak Hill area is considered by many to be the premier location in the city. With its distinctive orange livery, the properties built and operated by the New Nordic Group are the standouts in this prestigious section of Pattaya, especially in the Soi 3, 4 and 5 parts of Pratumnak.

They are standouts not only in terms of simple colour and the sheer number of New Nordic Group-branded locations, but they are also standouts when it comes to the general quality of their build and the quite amazing deals available for real estate investors.

Norwegian expatriate Kurt Svendheim is the man behind New Nordic Group and it has been his long-term plan to turn the Pratumnak Hill area into a kind of mini-village within Pattaya city. Svendheim has been at the helm of New Nordic for the past decade, gradually building up an infrastructure which is meant to be self-contained to the point where expats and visitors never have to venture out of the area for the necessities of life or entertainment unless they really want to.

Kurt Svendheim has created a kind of cruise-ship lifestyle with all amenities, but on land and therefore it comes without the downside of potential sea-sickness, unless you happen to have the kind of stomach which can’t handle the sight of rooftop pools or poolside restaurants.

As Svendheim has been quoted as saying, “We are perfectly located between the bright lights of Pattaya and the sleepy beaches of Jomtien. This is easy living.”

Kurt Svendheim’s use of orange as the standout colour for the New Nordic Group projects is based on a couple of simple but essentially emotive reasons. “Orange is bright and easy to see,” he is quoted as saying. “Orange is the powerful colour of happiness and optimism.”

New Nordic Group have completed 40 projects in their standout orange livery, with a further 11 under construction. As the projects have been completed and lessons learned regarding the kind of styles and quality required by potential customers, New Nordic Group has become more ambitious in terms of producing outstanding projects.

The latest is to be called New Nordic Castle and it is being billed as the Group’s ‘most prestigious project’. Divided into Castle 1 and Castle 2, the project will consist of 82 units all told with unique features including a cigar lounge, a wine cellar and what New Nordic is calling ‘dangerous caves’. As the publicity claims, ‘At New Nordic Castle 1 & 2 you do not only buy a unit, you buy an experience!’

This luxurious project is scheduled to be completed in 2017, but it is already sold out.

Another major project being prepared by New Nordic Group is the Palace. It too will take the New Nordic Group to a new level as far as luxury and style are concerned and will almost certainly be yet another keenly sought-after project for investors.

Part of the reason for the fast sellout may well be the incredible 10 percent guarantee on rental returns offered by New Nordic Group. In an age when interest rates on deposits are at historic lows, a 10 percent return on investment is almost like the gold standard.

While others have attempted to make similar offers, New Nordic Group have consistently achieved these returns because Kurt Svendheim and his team have made sure it is sustainable by having the necessary resources and the secondary infrastructure in place.