Elegance by name, elegant by nature


Elegance by name, elegant by nature

The Cosy Beach area part of the prestigious and much sought-after Pratamnak Hill region is currently witnessing yet another top-notch development which will possess one of the finest views in all Pattaya.

The so-called Elegance @ Cosy Beach is a seven-storey project by a company called AML Developments. As they note in their glossy brochure, the condominium will cobine ‘utility with innovation and a total commitment to quality’. That’s a pretty lofty set of ideals, but given the site of Elegance it’s well and truly managed the first and arguably most important step: location. Or, as the real estate mantra always runs: location, location, location.

Well, what could really be much better than overlooking the Royal Varuna Yacht Club and, from the topmost floors, staring across to the island vista that Koh Larn and the wide expanse of sea beyond serve up on a daily basis?

The Royal Varuna Yacht Club is a mere two minutes walk away; Cosy Beach just three minutes, and the nearby shops and restaurants are also but a short stroll from the front entrance.

The developers have recognized they have an opportunity to create a very special building in a special place. If they get this right, then they know they will have created not only a monument to their expertise but also placed themselves firmly and effectively on the Pattaya developers map, a map that is already quite crowded and you need something to show others just what you can do.

For starters, Elegance parking will be underground, which is a good way to enhance and better utilize the above ground space available. There is, naturally, 24-hour security and all condos will be fitted with Scorpion security doors for additional protection.

The interior walls are being built extra thick to really reduce the impact of whatever extraneous ambient noise may be around. After all, it’s not always possible to avoid the outside world and what it may throw your way. So, Elegance is making allowances for that, and addressing the potential issue right in the build phase.

The units vary from studio, one, two, and three-bedrooms in sizes from 36 to 200 square metres. That means there is something for every taste and budget. With the stunning sea-views firmly in mind, the balconies are not the usual tacked-on afterthoughts, but instead are meant to be almost key, integral entities, encouraging owners to soak up the beauty of their surroundings.

The windows are made from powder-coated aluminium, which is the best available. That’s an important issue in a building which will be facing the sea and the salt spray.

The kitchens are, of course, fully-fitted European style and each apartment is designed to maximize storage space.

Elegance has a very modernistic look and feel about it and, apart from the well-equipped gym, it is topped off by a 17-metre infinity edge rooftop pool.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the entry-level starting price of just 1.9 million baht. Quality at an affordable price in a sought-after area. As the brochure notes, ‘Elegance is a wonderful combination of beauty, quality, and amenity.’ And, of course, location, location, location.

For more information please visit their website: www.elegancepattaya.com or email them: [email protected]