Watcharapol area is hot!! Prinsiri heir to expand territory with a billion baht budget on Plearnary Mall, Thailand s first shopping mall with amusemen


Watcharapol area is hot!! Prinsiri heir to expand territory with a billion baht budget on ‘Plearnary’ Mall, Thailand’s first shopping mall with amusement park concept

Real Estate Press Releases Friday July 12, 2013

Bangkok–12 Jul–Polyplus PR

“Plearnary Mall” by the Prinsiri is set to rock the area called Watcharapol. More than one billion baht budget will be spent on the Plearnary Mall Watcharapol project (Note: Plearn is a Thai word referring to ‘enjoy’). It will be the latest and largest shopping mall on Watcharapol Road developed under the theme “Amusement Experience Shopping Mall”. Plearnary Mall Watcharapol will be the first mall in Thailand that features the light & sound, and parade show, plus its unique interior and exterior theme. The marketing strategy will focus on online channel, social media, and marketing activities that will reach out to the family group of all ages. The mall is scheduled to open in May 2014.

Ms. Patcharee Kovitchindachai, Managing Director, Plearnay Mall Co., Ltd. revealed that the project was initiated following the positive feedbacks of Prinsiri’s housing development covering about 100 rais of land (approx. 40 acres). Thus the company views the area has a perfect potential for development. The location is at its best in connecting several routes, plus it will be surrounded by about 20,000 residential units with100,000 population. As there is no place to fully serve people’s needs, Plearnary Mall Watcharapol will fill this demand gap with a truly new mall concept “Amusement Experience Shopping Mall” on 19 rai of land area (approx. 7.5 acres) located on the beginning of Watcharapol Road.

“”With our strength in location and focus on consumers’ insights, plus inspiration from overseas tourist attractions including the teddy bear museum, the Plearnary Mall Watcharapol project has been developed to bring out the concept of amusement park and shopping place mix, which is truly new in the Thai market. From our study of people’s lifestyle and needs, we found that that need: 1) A shopping close to home: Plearnary Mall is close to Prinsiri as well as other housing projects. There are about 30,000 people living in the neighborhood within a walking distance. Also there are about 20,000 residential units with easy access to the Mall; 2) A variety quality products: At Plearnary Mall, there are 300 shops ready to serve them with a wide range of product choices; 3) Great design: The Plearnary Mall is thoroughly well designed starting from the entrance, landscape surrounding the building, and the mall interiors. The Plearn Bear Family is another new concept for the mall-wide interior. Customers will be able to do their check-ins at various points and enjoy their visit. Therefore the Plearnary Mall Watcharapol will be a one-stop shopping place with everything people need for superior dining, shopping, and chilling experience.”

Plearnary Mall Watcharapol is a modern two-storey air-conditioned mall covering 28,000 sq.m. area on 19 rai (7.5 acres) of land. All its interior and exterior design will be under the Plearn Bear Family concept representing the love and warmth of people. The activity space and indoor amusement park called Plearnary Courtyard covers 3,000 sq.m. area, with 800 sq.m. of Plearnary Playroom dedicated for kids.

The visitors will enjoy products and services of about 300 shops at the Mall. They are divided into zones to fit people’s lifestyle needs: 1) Plearn Dinning zone with a food court; 2) Plearn Food with several takeaway food stalls; 3) Plearn Style with fashion and apparel products; 4) Plearn Beauty with beauty clinics; 5) Plearn Learning with kid education and learning experience; 6) Plearn Gadget with IT products; 7) Plearn Cash with banks and pay point services; and 8) Supermarket zone. The brands that will join in to ofer their products and services at the Mall include Tops Supermarket, KFC, Starbucks, Swensen’s, Shabushi, Kasa, Tohkai,Verasu Connect & Vista Caf