Insulate the home, and save on power bills as well


Insulate the home, and save on power bills as well

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), a home or office with just a five percent gap in the ceiling can lose up to half its insulation value.

The CSIRO is one of the most respected of worldwide agencies engaged in scientific research and the Pattaya-based Best Insulation and Acoustic Consultation Co. Ltd has used the information supplied by this Australian-based organisation to promote its ceiling-insulated spray system.

They call it their Super Cool Ceiling System and, apart from making your home or office space cooler, the method is also designed to reduce ambient noise.

Made from recycled, non-hazardous wood materials, the cellulose fibres used are treated with insecticide, fungicide and fire retardant agents that are permanently sealed into the finished product and therefore present no danger to humans.

Best Insulation claim their method of insulating a home or office is superior to the generally accepted method of ceiling insulation, which usually involves simply laying a series of ‘batts’ across the surface of a ceiling. These tend to still have some gaps, and, as the CSIRO report notes, a gap of just five percent reduces the effectiveness of this kind of insulation.

The Super Cool Ceiling System is installed directly above the ceiling of the room intended for insulation. Once the fibre is sprayed on and the sealant is applied to the recommended thickness of 100mm, the end result will be a much cooler internal environment because the spraying means there are no gaps.

The fibre can be used on any surface and shape, from wood to brick to glass or concrete. The fibre will adhere to all building shapes, curves and styles. Although made from recyclable materials, it is durable and tough, even though it is lightweight.

It is odourless and non-volatile and its fire retardant capabilities means if a fire does break out the opportunities for escape from the building are greatly enhanced because of the retarding nature of the system.

The company believes the application of the insulation could result in up to a 40 percent saving on air conditioning bills.

The Super Cool Ceiling insulation system is guaranteed for the life of a domestic structure. It is resistant to insects such as cockroaches and termites, the injected fungicide prohibits mould growth and, most importantly, is non-hazardous, being chemically inert.

As the management note, every project is different, and the requirements of customers will vary. That is why they offer individual design, manufacturing and installation, aiming to give each client a personalised service to suit every need and every budget.

One prominent Pattaya-based local housing developer, Khun Sumalee Rojchaisakul, the business development manager for Moo Baan Chokechai, was recently quoted as saying his company has been “using this product for up to seven Chokchai projects.”

According to Khun Sumalee the feedback from their customers has been very positive. He said many house owners were impressed “as their houses became cooler, as well as reducing electricity [costs] up to 30%.”

As Khun Somalee noted, “We we are very satisfied with this product as it is an innovative eco-friendly product has helped Chokchai for many years and many years to come.”

For more information either go to their website: or telephone 081 4439042 or 081-3999923.