5 Tips on Marketing your Business during a Global Pandemic


During this time of social distancing, quarantine and lockdown, communication is more important than ever and engaging with your customers through empathy becomes key.

We are now looking at a new normal where it is more challenging to reach and connect with our customers and we have to be creative in the ways that we do this.

1> Reassure your customers about how your company is responding to the pandemic. Apply a calming, reassuring tone with a positive message, this is a welcome reprieve from the seemingly 24/7 negative news. If possible, use video with warm, embracing visuals to convey a message of comfort and familiarity in an uncertain world.

2> Refresh your customer experience strategies and sales processes. This is not the time for pushy sales or keeping people waiting for a reply to an email. Make sure that you are showing empathy for the current situation that your customers are experiencing in all of your communications. Remove any automated emails which may seem pushy or unsympathetic and focus on strengthening your relationship with your customers.

3> Implement an agile pricing model. If your customers are struggling right now, find different ways to offer your services at an affordable level. Can you offer payment plans, discounted services or additional free items to ensure that your customers are getting the most value possible.

4> Use video to make your message more impactful. Many people will mute the TV or tune out from ads when they are scrolling through social media, especially when they are at home more than usual. Almost everyone is at home now so video advertising has never been able to be more impactful and serve as the cornerstone to connecting communities.

5> Step back from the hard sell and provide messaging that reaffirms your commitment to be there over the long term and through thick and thin. Provide reassurance and support for clients, both present and future.