Toscana’s Latest Innovation a Visual and Gastronomic Winner


At the end of 2018 the ever-popular Toscana Italian Pizzeria and Restaurant opened its newly-constructed Outdoor Kitchen. The response has been overwhelmingly positive from the high-season crowds as it has not only enhanced the reputation of Toscana, and its sister Moom Talay Thai restaurant, for quality cuisine it has added to the ambience of what was already a pleasant dining experience.

The outdoor kitchen is a stand-alone operation, fully-fitted and kitted, and is sited at the front of Toscana with an area which has been raised to give customers an elevated view of the activity on the street and the beach.

The kitchen is fitted with barbeques, hot plates, grills and, as one would expect at Toscana, a wood-fired pizza oven which is in high demand.

As this is an open kitchen diners can see the food being prepared from the moment you make your selection to the delivery of the food to your table. This kind of transparency in food preparation is especially appreciated by Europeans and other Westerners who can see with their own eyes how their selection is being presented.

The meat and vegetables – as with all of Toscana’s dishes, sourced from their own organic farms – are kept chilled at the right temperature in the fridges to ensure the customers have their food cooked fresh to the standard synonymous with Toscana and Moom Talay.

Small roasted pig is currently extremely popular, according to mine host Luca. Perhaps this is because customers can see it being cooked in front of them.
A large selection of fish is also available and you can select the fish of your choice from the special ice-chilled display at the front of the kitchen area.

As Luca stated the customer is in charge of what they want when it comes to selecting a piece of fish. This is then weighed in front them so they know what they’re getting, in addition to knowing what it will cost.

There’s no doubt the Outdoor Kitchen has attracted a new range of patrons into the Toscana orbit. During the daylight hours the attraction will be as simple as people looking for something to eat but not wanting to sit down to a large meal. The opportunity to eat quality food and watch the passing parade cannot be underestimated. Of course, appetizing aromas from the barbeques and pizzas will also have its effect on luring in those who may have not yet to think about eating.

In the evening, the same probably applies and, as well, it gives a good introduction to the kind of quality food they can expect from both Toscana and Moom Talay.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a fine garden area, somewhat of a rarity along Beach Road.
Luca has also installed a big TV screen on the roof of the outdoor kitchen for those who might like to be distracted by watching a football game in the open air.

There’s little doubt this Outdoor Kitchen addition to the Toscana/Moom Talay experience is proving to be worth the money that has been spent on it to make it a reality.