According to Netspick, Bangkok is an inexpensive place to relocate to

Buddha sculpture and temple ruins in Sukhothai historical park,
Buddha sculpture and temple ruins in Sukhothai historical park, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the cheapest places for expats to relocate to, and even though there are cheaper options, its geographic position makes it quite a good choice for anyone engaged in Asia wide business.

In a survey carried out by Nestpick, a furnished apartment aggregator, Bangkok came in at only 62nd place on a list of 80 of the most expensive cities to relocate to.

Newly arrived expats can anticipate spending around US$440 per month for rent, (14,000 Baht) and US$516 for food, (16,500 Baht), though both figures may be open to interpretation.

For example, some of the food cost in the survey undoubtedly includes eating out and whilst great value can be found in many restaurants in Bangkok, it may be even less expensive to cook for yourself at home.

As for rent, 14,000 baht can certainly find you a modest studio or even one bedroom apartment in Bangkok’s suburbs, even along a BTS or MRT route, however larger places might be more expensive.

Other costs that made up the survey’s total first month spend of US$1,112 (35,700 Baht), included internet at US$17, (550 Baht), telephone at US$20 (640 Baht), and US$37 for transport (1,184 Baht) as well as US$79, (2,528 Baht) for visa fees.

Dubai came in at the top of the list with US$4,251 for the first monthly spend based on very high accommodation costs and visa fees.

The cheapest place was Cairo where the first months spend could come in at almost half of Bangkok’s amount, with the survey indicating atotal of just US$656, (21,000 Baht).

There were some other places in Asia that were cheaper than Bangkok such as Kuala Lumpur that was around US$100 per month cheaper than the Thai capital.

Managing director of Nestpick, Omer Kucukdere, was quoted as saying, “The world has never been more accessible than it is right now to those seeking out employment opportunities, cultural exchanges or remote working hubs,” adding, “In the last few years especially, we’ve seen trends that more people than ever are relocating to far-flung destinations which have rapidly digitized. It’s now equally as possible to find 4G on a beach as it is in a built-up city.

The study came up with a total list of 80 world cities based on the most popular work destinations and start up locations.

Omer Kucukdere, was also quoted as saying, “The cost of living is often a huge factor for those looking to move, with the initial month almost always incurring extra costs due to potential visa applications.”

There were also other wide disparities evident in the survey such as London having the most expensive transport costs at US$168 (5,378 Baht) per month compared to Cairo’s US$7 per month.