Augmented reality just keeps getting bigger

women read book

Just over a year ago the Business Supplement alerted readers to the ground-breaking new technology of Augmented Reality (AR) whereby you could be looking at a static advertisement in a magazine or newspaper with a product or service that is of interest to you and simply by hovering your smartphone over that advertisement you could view a digital presentation which would offer in-depth information.

Called the Cocoar2 Code, High Tower Co Ltd, the publisher of the Business Supplement, was appointed by the CPC Decal Co Ltd, a Japanese printing manufacturer in Thailand, to be a registered reseller.

Augmented Reality technology provides the link between traditional advertising media such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, leaflets and the like and digital technology, all in the space of a couple of minutes.

A recent article in a Singapore-based publication headlined, ‘Augmented reality set to become next battlefield for Apple and Google’. So, two giants of the business world have seen the future and are well and truly aboard the augmented reality bus.

According to the article, Apple gadgets now have an app called ARKit which gives them instant augmented reality access while Google has created ARCore as a boost for android devices.

As this publication noted a year ago, small business is now in the position of taking out a print advertisement and simply by including the Cocoar2 logo on the advert will be able to attract potential customers to view a digital advert as well, something which could include as much as that business might want to have produced for a television advertisement. The synergies between print, the internet and visuals mean there is room for all three to not only co-exist but to be mutually beneficial.

Basically, while so many businesses seem to think the only way to market their products is by way of the internet, be it a static or even interactive website, Facebook, or something like YouTube, the facts are that print, like radio, are still very powerful options which no sensible business owner should overlook.

As noted last year, no longer can the mantra of ‘print is dead’ be taken as remotely credible any more. Just as video didn’t kill the radio star or, more notably, the e-book revolution has not put an end to book publishing, print will remain as viable an advertising medium as it ever was, especially with such powerful tools like augmented reality to help sustain its relevance.

For the price of a print advertisement and the cost of creating a high-definition video promoting a product or service, any business worthy of the name can now compete at a level not previously thought possible.

The Business Supplement – Pattaya & Bangkok – can provide this state of the art technology for their advertising customers as part of their marketing campaign. For more details contact Ben on 0846 77 43 60.