COCOAR2Augmented Reality comes to the Bangkok and Pattaya Business Supplement



The gap between print media and the digital revolution has now become almost non-existent as the two medias have been connected by a new technology called COCOAR2, (Augmented Reality Technology).

In short it means that with the COCOAR2 smart app installed on your phone you can simply hover your smartphone over an enabled ad in the magazine and immediately get a video presentation of the products and services on offer by the advertiser. This is perfect for those places that might interest you because it means on the spur of the moment you can get all the information you need without even performing a search. It allows you to bypass the headache of trying to find the service or product that has already grabbed your attention on the Internet because it provides a direct connection to the service provider.

COCOAR2 technology is not limited to advertisements. It can also provide virtual business cards, contact details and e-brochures direct to your phone. If, for example, you are looking to dine out, then Augmented Reality could bring you the latest menu and specials without you even searching for them. If you want to rent a car or book a hotel room the app could easily make this a seamless exchange, taking you from initial interest in viewing a print ad to making a booking right there and then.

High Tower Co., Ltd. (publishers of the Bangkok and Pattaya Business Supplement), were appointed official resellers of this state-of-the-art technology – and among the first publications to embrace this major breakthrough for the print industry.

This technology – which literally brings advertising to life – is now featured in a number of Bangkok and Pattaya Business Supplement’s customers adverts, including Moom Talay / Toscana Restaurants, New Nordic Group, Key Visa and Expat Car Rental.

Augmented Reality in all its forms has captured the attention of big companies such as Apple, who recently announced that Augmented Reality was to be their next big thing according to stories carried by The Nation Newspaper and CNBC. Citing AR as a less intrusive cousin of Virtual Reality (VR), Apple sees the future for Augmented Reality to be highly immersive, with people experiencing AR activities as routinely as they eat 3 meals a day.

Yet it is small businesses that are embracing the technology with much excitement as they can now get targeted airtime and much more power from print ads, making traditional print media a very valuable commodity.

Here is the real beauty of AR technology. Print is not going away. There is something about the feel of magazines that people still enjoy. Otherwise newspapers and magazines would be a thing of the past like cassette tapes and photographic film. Print is an important part of every day life. Magazines with good content are thriving and end users are appreciative of something tangible to hold and read. Now this tangible media doesn’t have to forego any of the power of the Internet. AR means that print media may well find its place as even more powerful than regular Internet sites due to the above mentioned reasons.

The Bangkok and Pattaya Business Supplement were again ahead of the field recognizing that this was the way forward for all things print.

The COCOAR2 app is easy to download on your smartphone in 3 easy steps and will no doubt become an invaluable source for multimedia information in the future.

On this page you will see the illustrations of the three simple steps to downloading and enjoying the COCOAR2 technology on your smart phone.

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