How to bring the “FUN” back into sexual FUNction?


How to bring the “FUN” back into sexual FUNction?

One unfortunate truth about an aging man is: as his age increases, his sexual function invariably decreases. Though some men may insist otherwise, it’s safe to say most men experience a drop off in their sexual prowess and interest as their age increases. Can we blame this phenomenon solely on lowered testosterone levels in the aging male? Well, the quick answer is both yes and no.

As men age, some will experience a breakdown of other systems in their bodies as result of genetics, lifestyles, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, injury, or any combination of these. This breakdown will manifest itself as: hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiovascular disease (heart disease), hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), diabetes, depression, and chronic pain.

Maximum Performance Wellness Center is a men’s health clinic with locations in both Bangkok and Pattaya. The Wellness Center has over 20 years of experience treating Low Testosterone, Erectile Dysfunction and Recovery Programs for Androgen/Anabolic Induced Hypogonadism (anabolic steroid abuse).

Maximum Performance Wellness Center operates with Thai physicians who have been trained by and are under the supervision of an American doctor, who is an expert in Testosterone Replacement Therapy and hormone treatments. Maximum Performance Wellness Center offers state-of-the-art Testosterone Replacement Therapy not found anywhere else outside of the U.S.

Treating testosterone deficiency is not about improving men’s lives at a superficial level, as some people mistakenly believe, but plays a crucial role in the management of chronic diseases. Many men start experiencing a dip in their testosterone levels when they hit their 40’s. This syndrome manifests as lethargy, moodiness and irritability, weight gain, low libido, abdominal obesity and erectile dysfunction.

Common Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

  • Run-down Feeling

Men like to make jokes about testosterone, but testosterone deficiency is no laughing matter. The latest research suggests that men without enough of the hormone face a higher risk of several serious illnesses, including diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

  • Low Sex Drive

Testosterone is what fuels a man’s sex drive. If he’s low on “T,” he’s likely to become less interested in having sex.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

Erections are triggered by the body’s release of a tiny molecule called nitric oxide. But testosterone is what’s needed to trigger this release.

  • Fatigue

It’s perfectly normal for men to feel tired at the end of a busy day. Men with Low T feel completely depleted.

  • Decreased Energy

In addition to feeling severe fatigue, men with low testosterone often lose their drive and initiative.

  • Mood Problems

Even if they’re not experiencing clinical depression, men with low testosterone often feel down or blue. They feel less optimistic than they used to feel.

  • Irritability

Low testosterone can cause men to be grouchy and irritable.

  • Reduced Muscle Mass

Men with low testosterone often feel that they’re not as strong as they once were. Some men actually notice shrinkage in their arm and leg muscles, and in their chest.

  • >More Body Fat

Low testosterone often results not only in reduced muscle mass, but also in increased body fat. Some guys add weight around the middle. Others develop gynecomastic, a.k.a. “man boobs.”

The good news about low testosterone is that it’s easily treated – At Maximum Performance Wellness Center, your blood can be tested and evaluated for the presence of low testosterone, and if needed, you can be started on a medically supervised program that will replenish your testosterone levels. And in addition to helping resolve problems with sexuality, mood and appearance, testosterone therapy can help protect men against several serious medical problems, including diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

Contact Maximum Performance Wellness Center today for an appointment with one of our American trained, and experienced doctors regarding your TESTOSTERONE levels and get treated today.