CTLS continues to grow in stature


CTLS continues to grow in stature

CTLS Language School recently received its third national school of excellence award in the past three years. It is also a recommended school for the Asian Awards.

The CTLS Language School has been open in Pattaya since October 2008, and in that time has doubled in size, stretching across four buildings and with a capacity to teach 2,500 students a week. It is the sister school of TLS Language School, which has five branches and now boasts 14 years of experience in offering educational services.

The owners of both CTLS and TLS Language School have recently outlined their plans for the future, hoping to build on the successful model they have established over the past years. Among those plans are that they will be opening a Kindergarten school in 2017, offering state-of-the-art facilities, which will include interactive whiteboards in all the classrooms. A decision has yet to be made as to whether the kindergarten will be offering bilingual or trilingual classes. The school will be based in Huay Yai, around 20 kilometres outside of Pattaya, but with very easy access to the new motorway.

A major plus for the overall organisation is that CTLS Language School will also acquire the licence to offer the Asian driving licence in 2017. Those requiring the licence will be able to take the computer test at the CTLS Language School and will also be able to take the driving test at their facility in Huay Yai.

These awards and licences are not handed out easily and simply serve as a reminder that CTLS is arguably the standout in the language school field in the country.

They are recognised as the number one provider of student visas in Thailand, according to the Department of Education.

CTLS is an approved Ibt Testing Centre for TOEFL, one of just 7,000 schools in the world so approved. That may sound like a large number of schools, but remember we’re talking about almost 200 nations and literally tens of thousands of schools across the globe.

A student who is able to pass the TOEFL course is in a position to be accepted into any one of 9,000 universities worldwide, so for CTLS to be able to claim testing status is a major achievement.

As well as Bangkok and Pattaya, CTLS have opened language schools in Ayutthaya, Lopburi, and Nonthaburi.

Apart from their undoubted successes within the English-Thai and Thai-English module, CTLS Language School are also licensed for 17 other language courses, something of a rarity in the field. These other language licenses include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, and Russian.

By careful and selective recruitment over the years, the operators of the CTLS Language Schools are proud of the skills and dedication of their staff, all of whom have helped to develop a loyal and growing customer base.

As management acknowledge, this position has only been possible because of the “hard work and the dedication of our excellent staff, whom we thank for their dedication.”