Thousands of companies use ScoopPeople.Asia to find talented employees


Thousands of companies use ScoopPeople.Asia to find talented employees

We believe there is a simpler and more cost-efficient way to find talented job seekers in Thailand. ScoopPeople.Asia empowers your company’s human resources department through our knowledgeable people, and our innovative technology. If you’re looking for a more efficient and effective way to connect with qualified candidates looking to work in Thailand, then ScoopPeople.Asia is the resource for your company’s recruitment needs.

Simply, we offer the most complete solution to find and hire the best talent directly, so your time and money are never wasted on unqualified candidates.

Having the number one job board in Thailand means we understand what companies need in talent acquisition

With over a 100 years of knowledge gained in talent sourcing for companies, ScoopPeople.Asia is the go to authority for finding talent in Bangkok and Thailand. We have created innovative technologies which helps reduce the need for costly advertising, deploying expensive hiring websites, or using ineffective, traditional job boards, and recruitment agencies.

Easily search for skilled workers looking for jobs in Thailand

Finding the right people on time and within budget is business critical. Relying on old fashioned hiring methods often leads to delays, weak applicants, and unfulfilled commitments. Thousands of companies are now turning to ScoopPeople.Asia to directly connect with new candidates searching for jobs in Thailand.

We make win-win situations for companies, as well as those looking to work in Thailand.

ScoopPeople.Asia believes in creating fluid and meaningful experiences for job seekers and career-changers when looking to find their next great career in Thailand. Our team consider ourselves expert change-agents for those looking to create better lives through future employment. We believe, by understanding career trends that affect you, and by applying years of professional insight, we can increase your success with any job search in Thailand. With ScoopPeople.Asia, you will no longer be frustrated from ineffective and confusing job portals. Instead, we believe providing you with the technology and resources to ensure confidence when applying for work.

Are you frustrated with performing job searches in Thailand?

ScoopPeople.Asia understand the frustration of looking for jobs with outdated technology, and less agreeable methods. Our company gives you many more resources to find jobs in Thailand. As a job seeker, you are able to create a profile which shows potential employers your true skills and assets.

Perhaps you are currently working in Thailand, and you are looking for a career change. Our unique profile creator, will provide human resource managers with much more information about you at the touch of a button. 

We have many tools to assist you in your career development 

You’re not just a profile to us. You’re a person with hopes, dreams, and desires. Take advantage of a huge number of exciting features that will enhance your prospects of finding the perfect career you deserve. Just a few of the many competitive advantages ScoopPeople.Asia offers job seekers are: all the latest jobs from all the best companies in Thailand for both local and expat people. Post a video interview of yourself to really let a future employer know the real you. Talk to future employers very quickly with instant messaging and interview by video to save you wasted travel time. Add all of your certificates, references and testimonials to boost your profile.  Take online tests to really show your future employer why you standout from the crowd. 

We have many organizations offering jobs in Thailand for foreigners

Are you looking to acquire a career in Thailand as a foreigner? We make it simple and effective to create a comprehensive profile that showcases your talents and skills. There are many companies offering great jobs and careers for foreigners. With the largest database of companies looking to directly hire, you have the competitive edge when you sign-up with ScoopPeople.Asia. Finally there’s an easier way to connect with 1000’s of companies looking to hire you!

ScoopPeople.Asia IS the source for career connections

Whether you’re a company looking for competent people to employ, or you’re a job seeker attempting to navigate the difficult job market in Thailand, we can assist you in your mission. Everyday, we take pride in connecting talented people with organizations –it’s what ScoopPeople.Asia does best!