Planning, Supplying, & Building the Eastern Seaboard’s Recreational Infrastructure


“Planning, Supplying, & Building the Eastern Seaboard’s Recreational Infrastructure.”


Company profile:

Sports Engineering And Recreation Asia Ltd, specializes in the design, development, and installation of international standard sports, recreation, and fitness facilities. The Eastern Seaboard regional office is located at the intersection of Sukhumvit and Chaiyapruk Road. The company’s consultative approach, world standard products, and responsible customer service have earned it a reputation as the leader in its unique field of business.

Unlike single-brand trading companies Seara is the authorized distributor for twenty fitness industry suppliers. Main brands include world #1 Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Octane, Escape, Power Plate, Vectra, Concept II, Reebok, and others, allowing Seara to custom outfit every type of commercial fitness center, club, or health facility.


Home Fitness

Home fitness has come a long way since the old tummy belt or conveyor belt treadmill. Today home fitness encompasses planning and preferences for both cardiovascular, strength and functional fitness training regimes. Home fitness equipment can be as simple as a high-quality finger operated fold-up treadmill to utilizing an entire room for health and entertainment. Whatever your preferences, buyers are warned to avoid equipment found in department stores or through TV marketing. This is low-quality equipment designed for entry-level impulse buyers.


Commercial and Home Sports Construction

Seara represents, and is the exclusive applicator, for many of the foremost brands of specialty sports and athlete surface companies in the world. Seara specializes in fitness-flooring, indoor and outdoor multi-purpose sports surfacing, ITF and ATP approved acrylic latex , grass, and clay tennis courts, IAAF certified running tracks, FIFA certified artificial grass football and futsal pitches, squash courts, and artificial grass landscaping. Seara has been building these facilities in Indochina since 1991.


Developing with Recreation Facilities

The primary reason developers add recreational amenities to their projects is to 1) add value to improved land or real estate 2) gain marketing leverage for sales. In larger developments the recreational amenity may be a profit center on its own. In any case there are developers that use recreational amenities strategically and in tune with market desires and there are developers who only include amenities to fulfill a pre-sales promise with no thought to quality and life of the facility. Seara works with developers to ensure their recreational amenities are in tune with the market and the branding of their development and their company. A Seara facility is the best way for buyers to feel confident in their real estate investment.