Promote your valuable business in the Bangkok Business Supplement


Promote your valuable business in the Bangkok Business Supplement

If you run a business of any kind in Bangkok which does not rely predominantly on walk-in traffic, then you owe it to yourself to consider how effective promoting your business would be by associating with the Bangkok Business Supplement, and, by extension, its Pattaya equivalent, the Pattaya Business Supplement.

For a relatively small outlay of your advertising budget you could bring your business to the attention of anywhere from 40,000-plus readers a month.

The distribution depth of the Bangkok Business Supplement is especially strong in the downtown central business district of the capital.

Although the Bangkok Business Supplement is only updated once a month, its impact, as far as market penetration is concerned, is daily. The supplement is inserted free on a daily basis with the Daily International Newspapers, supplied to numerous outlets frequented by expats and Thai business-people alike by the NewspaperDirect franchise. That distribution is exclusive to the Bangkok Business Supplement, thereby giving it what pundits like to call ‘a competitive advantage’. This distribution network provides the long-term strength of the Business Supplement.

For Bangkok businesses which are looking to expand into the strong Pattaya marketplace, the synergy between the two publications can be used to the extent of promoting your business in both. The Pattaya version has the biggest circulation in its area, which means it reaches the widest possible audience, yet at the same time, making certain the publication goes into the hands of those who are most likely to be looking for or require the services or products of advertisers.

As most people are probably aware, the usual readership or ‘eyes on the page’ for a publication can be multiplied by a factor of at least two and more generally four, especially for a free production. For example, a single copy in a well-visited pub/restaurant or coffee shop style setting in Bangkok might see well over 20 or 30 readers or more per day. Yes, many places have repeat visitors, but this just means a better chance that at some point across any given month the vast majority of customers will see the Business Supplement.

With the NewspaperDirect connection, the Bangkok Business Supplement tends to be seen in most of the high-end and mid-range pubs, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and other places where groups of expats tend to gather. The people running these establishments understand their demographic and are willing to speculate to accumulate. That is, they are willing to spend a bit of money to make sure they have a number of popular publications available, day by day, knowing they can attract customers who will want to spend time going through these offerings.

The layout for the Bangkok Business Supplement is done in a way designed to give the best exposure possible for all advertisers. Every effort is made, always, to place an advertiser’s message alongside a news item or specialist article. While readers will stop on the page to read the article, subliminally your advert is also being scanned.

If you have a business, from real estate to a restaurant, from pest control to pool construction, from a money exchange to motor vehicle rental, you owe it to yourself to spend your promotional budget in the most cost-effective way possible and that is with the Bangkok Business Supplement.


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