Honda Collaborates with DKSH Launching a Delivery Trail with EV Motorcycles


Honda, the leader of Thailand’s motorcycle industry, continue developing EV Ecosystem by collaborating with DKSH Thailand to launch a delivery trial with the use of Honda EV Motorcycles during the first quarter of this year.

Mr. Takanori Maruyama, Vice President of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., stated: “Innovating EV Motorcycles technology is a big challenge, but Honda has always been determined to deliver the best to Thai people. Honda has been launching joint projects with partners on EV Ecosystem, collaborating with an educational institution on conducting research and with a leading corporate on delivery trial. Honda now has partnered with DKSH Thailand, the leader in market expansion services, on product delivery trial with the use of Honda EV Motorcycles. This is the first partnership between the two companies, DKSH and Honda, with a similar goal of seeking a sustainable solution for logistics.”
Mr. Neil McCann, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, DKSH Thailand, commented: “Over the past few years, DKSH has been accelerating our deployment of innovative and sustainable transport solutions throughout our supply chain. Part of our long-term goals as a company is to promote clean energy and achieve climate neutrality by 2030. We are delighted to foster this partnership with Honda as a step towards achieving these goals, and are excited to see the results that Honda’s PCX Electric and Benly-e electric motorcycles can bring to our operations here in Thailand, where we enrich Thai patients’ lives by providing life-saving and essential medical devices.”
During the trial phase, medical devices will be dispatch from DKSH Rama 3 distribution center to a nearby designated hospital or medical unit with Honda EV Motorcycles. PCX Electric has been designed for a comfortable ride while Benly-e is outstanding for its design for commercial use, especially the rear storage. Both come with a battery swap feature. Battery Swapping Station will be installed to offer round-the-clock service.
Honda and DKSH Thailand will launch the trial in the first quarter this year and collect data for further evaluation and development for the next phase.
The partnership is considered a significant step for Honda motorcycle in developing EV Ecosystem to meet the fast-changing lifestyle of the Thai people. The completed projects, including joint research with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, a trial service with delivery companies, and a provision of Honda PCX Electric for Provincial Police Region 8 police officers on duty in Phuket, have been well received.
Source: Thai Honda Manufacturing