MAMA delights in impressive 2015 sales growth


MAMA delights in impressive 2015 sales growth

Business Press Releases Friday January 22, 2016 15:00

Bangkok–22 Jan–Integrated Communication

MAMA has once again underlined its leadership in Thailand’s instant noodles market, revealing that its sales in the first 11 months of 2015 was higher than 51 percent of the market share. MAMA Cup sales also went up 3.2 percent, a significant rise which was even higher than the overall market growth of 1.8 percent. An even more practice marketing campaign has been announced for 2016 to focus on emphasizing the MAMA brand essences and new product launches that specifically cater to the demands of consumers.

Mr. Vathit Chokwatana Vice President Saha Pathanapibul PLC., the distributor of MAMA instant noodles, revealed that, “Our 2015 sales performance has seen MAMA maintaining a strong and stable stride in securing the market leadership in Thailand’s instant noodles market, holding more than 51 percent of the market share. During January – November 2015, MAMA sales grew at a similar 0.4 percent rate as that of the entire market which was worth 14,576 Million Baht. At the same time, MAMA Cup sales managed to grow strongly by 3.2 percent, which was a notably higher rate than a 1.8 percent growth of the overall segment.”

“Fierce competition was apparently observed in the Thai instant noodles market last year, but at MAMA, we never stopped improving and we tried to differentiate ourselves from competitors through innovative marketing ideas and activities. We decided to choose one of Thailand’s most highly sought-after actresses, ‘Aum’ Patcharapha Chaichua, to be our presenter, and this alone created the talk of the town and helped us achieve an impressive sales surge. The growth was particular strong for the sales of MAMA ‘Yentafo Tom Yum Mohfai Flavour which grew by 40 percent. Moreover, our marketing campaign included lucky draws, road shows and many point-of-sales activities – all of which contributed to helping us maintain our No. 1 status and the market leadership.”, added Mr. Vathit.

Last year, MAMA also organized a special promotional campaign “MAMA Aroy Ok Rot: Jak Revo Tuk Duan, Jak Thong Tuk Wan”, which took place from 1st August to 10th December 2015. This campaign was an overwhelming success, receiving over 7 million lucky draw coupons from MAMA customers throughout the country – the number of which was 263 percent higher than the number of coupons received in its previous lucky draw campaign. Under this campaign, there were a total of 2,670 prizes to give away, worth 11.8 Million Baht in total. They included one grand prize of a Toyota Hilux Revo D-Cab 208E 4WD valued at 1,069,000 Baht; four prizes of a Toyota Hilux Revo Smart CAB 2.4E valued at 709,000 Baht each; 140 prizes of a 20,000 Baht gold item; 125 prizes of a 10,000 Baht gold item; and, 2,400 prizes of Mama Exclusive Items valued at 800 Baht each.

Mr. Vathit further noted that, “Looking ahead into 2016, MAMA will continue to be aggressive with our marketing approaches, always coming up with innovative ideas to emphasize MAMA brand essences in the minds of consumers. We also plan to introduce a number of exciting new product launches to better cater to the demands of consumers. With such proactive marketing dynamics, we are confident that we will be able to realistically target an increase in MAMA sales by 5 percent.”

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