The Blue Olive brings ambience and variety and value for money


The Blue Olive brings ambience and variety and value for money

Pattaya has garnered a reputation over the past dozen or more years among food lovers as a city which has numerous good quality restaurants and eateries. While there are plenty of places at the top end of the scale which rival the best restaurants found in Bangkok, Phuket and elsewhere, Pattaya has a plethora of great dining places which fit into a niche, offering excellent quality cuisine at genuinely competitive prices. The Blue Olive is one such restaurant.

The Blue Olive is well situated to attract clientele from all over Pattaya, being down in Soi 8, off Thepprasit Road in Jomtien.

The first thing that strikes a customer entering the Blue Olive is the décor. The restaurant started with a predominantly Mediterranean theme when it first opened, and while that has undergone a metamorphasis into a much more broad and just as appealing menu change, its intricately decorated brick ceiling, large open kitchen and open-air terrace all remain intact as visual markers indicating the time, energy and effort spent in creating the kind of atmosphere which brings people back time and again.

The management of the Blue Olive offers excellent quality cuisine at great value prices; the kind of combination which tends to keep a good restaurant popular across the spectrum for years on end.

Responding to the marketplace during 2015, the Blue Olive moved away from its predominant Mediterranean theme and embraced a more international style of menu, with a new head chef who brings plenty of experience and flair to the dining table.

The restaurant now offers top-range imported meats and seafood dishes at prices substantially lower than similar restaurants located in the general area.

Part of the reason the owners are able to do this is that they operate a food importing company and so are able to obtain the best quality at great value which they can then pass on to their dining clientele.

One of the most popular and certainly one of the best dishes to give anyone an idea about the style of food on offer at the Blue Olive is the magnificent Italian Starter Platter. It includes Parma Ham, Parmesan Cheese, Salami, Stuffed Peppers, Anti Pasti and Bread. It’s the type of dish which could be of elegant sufficiency for many a diner.

Blue Olive has main course dishes which run the gamut from imported fish, lamb and beef to more traditional Italian-style pizzas and pasta dishes.

Blue Olive runs a monthly three-course special menu which begins with a starter, main course, dessert and coffee for just 575 baht.

The Blue Olive is also open for lunch, between 11:00am and 2:00pm. They have a set lunch menu with a wide choice of meals for just 220 baht.

For pizza lovers, there is a daily pizza menu with a choice of Italian-style thin and crispy pizzas as well as a selection of Calzones where diners can choose between five different ingredients.

The Blue Olive opens for its evening session at 4:00pm and keeps going until quite late. This is a restaurant well worth the effort to visit.

For more information, visit their website:, check out their Facebook page: or simply call them: 038 416 285.