Profil Construction: 17 years of excellent service in the construction field


Profil Construction: 17 years of excellent service in the construction field

While it is certainly true that Pattaya has plenty of Thai nationals who are incredibly competent and professional when it comes to construction and renovation work, one of the biggest hurdles for many home owners to overcome is the language barrier.

When it comes to building or renovating a house or a condo or even a bar or restaurant, many people will attempt to cut corners by employing tradespeople whose workmanship might not be of the finest standards. This ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ approach usually winds up costing the owner far more in the long run than if he or she had simply gone ahead and sourced a well-established and competent firm in the first place.

Profil Construction is a company which set up in business in Pattaya in 1998, and today is not only continuing to profit from those years of expertise, but is flourishing, even in this currently depressed economic climate.

Horst Filla, a German expatriate, is the man behind Profil Construction. Originally from Nuremburg, where he was a successful real estate agent and property developer, he relocated to Pattaya in 1998, recognizing that the city was just beginning to really boom and there was a definite gap in the market for the kind of expertise he could offer.

Since then, Horst Filla’s company and the expert team of tradespeople he has gathered about him, have been involved in projects as diverse as condominium and house construction and renovation as well as designing, building and fitting out restaurants and nightclubs and bars from Jomtien to Naklua and everywhere in between.

Among Profil Constructions’ most impressive accomplishments are Chateau Dale (on Thappraya Road), Skybeach Condominium, and the Sapphire Club in Soi 15, off Walking Street.

Horst notes that his company presently employs 12 full-time skilled tradespeople, from carpenters, to bricklayers, plasterers, and electricians. All are trained to the high standard Horst Filla requires of employees who work under the Profil Construction banner. The company also has a number of sub-contractors, but once again these are people who have met Horst’s exacting standards. Horst believes his company ‘has all the knowledge and craftsmanship required for a successful operation.’

For people who have purchased land but have yet to decide the kind of property they want to build, or for those who have an already-constructed home or apartment but want to engage in extensive renovations, Profil Construction has a design service capable of supplying an architectural plan to your specifications.

With 15 houses and more than 100 condo renovations under their belt, Profil Construction have gained a great deal of experience in the Pattaya marketplace and the company prides itself on attaining the exacting standards set by their German founder. They guarantee quality, and, just as importantly, can work to a specific deadline.

Profil Construction has an office and showroom in Soi 10, off Thepprasit Road and welcome all inquiries. If you’d like a no-obligation assessment or quote for your unique project, feel free to contact them (see the advertisement in this issue) and find out what they have to offer.