Taking the Classified Marketplace to the next level


Taking the Classified Marketplace to the next level

The business landscape across Thailand and especially in Pattaya has changed markedly in recent years. These changes, many of which are tied to the way people do business nowadays, means it is important for publications like the Pattaya Business Supplement to adapt as quickly and effectively as possible.

Regular readers of this publication will be aware of new innovations designed to add value to the reading experience for both advertisers and consumers which have occurred in recent times. The Business Directory pages are a prime example of the way the Pattaya Business Supplement is looking to maintain its status and relevance to businesses and consumers alike along the Eastern Seaboard.

In this issue, readers will see yet another innovation: Full Colour Display Classifieds.

While classifieds are hardly a new concept in either print or online, the Pattaya Business Supplement Display Classifieds page does raise the bar in this area, while at the same time being extremely affordable for those who are serious about trying to sell a product, be it a business, car, boat, motorbike or condo, or anything else for that matter.

The Pattaya Business Supplement advantage is in its wide distribution and depth of readership. As most readers are probably aware, the Supplement is the biggest circulating monthly publication in the area and is delivered every day of the month in the sealed plastic bag along with the Daily International Newspapers which are available here through NewspaperDirect. This distribution channel is unique to the Pattaya Business Supplement.

The key factor in the Display Classifieds is that they are all in full colour. Anyone who is serious about selling an item of value knows just how much of an impact a decent colour picture on glossy paper has when compared with a black and white photo on newsprint. It can mean the difference between a string of calls from interested parties compared to being skimmed over in the rush to turn the page.

While the Display Classifieds are meant to be for people with a specific item they want to sell in as short a time as possible, they can prove an effective marketing tool for those who may have a couple of houses or condos they are looking to rent, whether for short or longer terms.

Instead of taking out a regular advertisement to promote the fact you’ve got a house or condo or even a couple of cars for rent, the Pattaya Business Supplement Display Classifieds page could be perfect to showcase what you have available, and you’re not tied into any kind of advertising contract. You could advertise for a month or two and then stop, and start again when the need arises.

The Display Classifieds page is meant to make the publication and its contents even more accessible to people who might not need a dedicated quarter page advert, but still want to find a way of putting what they have to offer in front of a large audience.

As to cost, management of the Supplement are offering a tremendous opening deal with a 71mm by 54mm full colour box advertisement for just 935 baht, plus VAT. Basically, for 1,000 baht you could advertise your late model car or motorbike, your house or condo, or anything else for sale in full colour to a large audience at a bargain price.

All you have to do is to supply a colour photo or image, along with the text details you want included in your box advert, and thereafter you will be supplied with a proof for your approval prior to the advert being printed. It’s as simple as that!


For more information on this new innovation, call 084 6774360 or 038 716062 or email: [email protected]