Select a Point of Sale (POS) System That Fits Your Business, at a price you can afford!


Select a Point of Sale (POS) System That Fits Your Business, at a price you can afford!

There are two primary markets of customers for Point Of Sale (POS) systems: retail operations and hospitality businesses such as restaurants, entertainment venues, and hotels.

  • Retail POS system customers: Retailers have simpler POS system needs than hospitality businesses because they complete transactions at once and often have little product variation. Retailers may want include the ability to support ‘specials’ (for example, three for B500 deals), returns and exchanges, and support for digital scales for selling products by weight.

  • Restaurant POS system customers: Casual restaurants focus on efficiency. Retail-style restaurants use POS systems to relay orders, cutting down on time-per-transaction and reducing errors that can occur when passing hastily-scrawled orders back to the kitchen. In quick-service restaurants, employees take orders on terminals in the front, which automatically display on monitors in the food preparation area so that food can be quickly assembled and delivered to the customer. In fine dining restaurants the speed and accuracy of customer service will enhance your reputation.

  • Entertainment Venues: A POS allows you to keep track not only of drinks and snacks sold, but also all those ‘extra’ things that you only need in Thailand, such as lady drinks, commissions etc.

A computerized POS system can provide significant returns for business of all sizes, especially with integrated stock control. Remembering to control what stock is used as well as controlling the money coming in over the counter will pay for the system many times over. It can cut down on shrinkage (the inventory that disappears from your store, bar or restaurant) due to theft, waste, and misuse. It can also ensure that every item in your store or on your menu sells for the correct price and generate detailed sales reports that can help you focus on higher-margin items.



Know also know where you stand at any point of the day. A POS system can instantly tell you how many of a particular product have sold today (or last week, or last month), how much money you have in your cash drawer, and how much of that money is profit. Detailed sales reports make it much easier for you to keep the right stock on hand. Track inventory, spot sales trends, and use historical data to better forecast your needs. Our POS software can alert you to reorder when stock runs low. Plus, it allows you to collect the names and addresses of your best customers as part of standard transactions, which you can then use for targeted advertising and incentive programs.

Increase productivity with a POS system: POS systems can dramatically reduce the time you have to spend doing inventory, sales figures, and other repetitive but important paperwork. In retail settings, barcode scanners and other POS features make checkout faster. Restaurants and entertainment venues will find their order process greatly streamlined as orders are relayed automatically to the kitchen and/or bar. In both cases, your customers get faster, more accurate service.

We have installed well over 200 Pos sites throughout Thailand and beyond, including the duty free shop on the Thai-Laos border, some of the busiest clubs in Soi Bangla, fine dining establishments and many small bars. With affordable package prices that include hardware, software and training starting at B65,000 a system that will increase your profitability and efficiency is within your reach! Order a CCTV system at the same time and get a special discount! Call Steve on 038 360 400 for more information.