A Genuine Raft of Great Deals from a Fast Rising Agency


A Genuine Raft of Great Deals from a Fast Rising Agency

No one is under any illusion that the real estate business across Thailand and certainly in Pattaya and its environs is in the midst of tough times. Given the large and varied number of agents spread across the city, many of whom have been established in Pattaya and Jomtien for some time, it’s important for those who are fresher to the local scene to try and stand out.

The Asia Trading Service Co., Ltd is one such real estate agent. Situated on Thepprasit Soi 10, the company is not only run and staffed by people dedicated to providing the best properties on the market to their customers, whether they are home buyers, investors or looking to rent, they are garnering a reputation for doing that little bit extra to satisfy their clientele.

Asia Trading Service Co., Ltd is run by Dutch expatriate Jules Zwets who says, “Our aim is to offer you the best properties and deals that are available. We strive to get you the best rental and sales properties in Pattaya. From information on the local community, area and location, to advice or preparing your property to sell or rent out, we are here to assist and guide you with every step of the process.”​

The company, becoming better known simply as ATS, is currently offering the kind of promotion which should make anybody even remotely considering the purchase of a property in Pattaya sit up and take serious notice.

As Jules says, “We are specialized in sales regarding projects and development, and with our firm you will get the best deals and services. Buyers who purchase a development property through ATS can choose a special promotion that we have at the moment.”

That offer consists of an impressive three percent cash-back on the signing of a contract to purchase. ATS is also in a position to offer a rental guarantee to investors of seven percent per annum, secure for the next three years. Given the almost non-existent interest rates available from banks, a seven percent guaranteed return is extremely attractive.

Also included in the special promotion, which does end on 30 April (after all, it’s such a good deal it’s impossible to keep it going for any great length of time), is a choice of one baht of gold or new motorbike (Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha), new laptop or LCD flatscreen TV. The advertisement on this page gives contact details.

Jules Zwets has also announced that ATS “has entered into a joint-venture with its very close partner, Siam Virtual & Digital Productions Co., Ltd with all the services listed on ww.the360virtualtour.com. We will be able to offer clients that list their property with us the exciting possibility of using a 360 degree virtual tour as a way of showing their property in a much more presentable and informative way.”

These measures just show why ATS is rapidly gaining a solid client base throughout Pattaya and its environs.