The last month has brought to light a few interesting facts about Liberty Computers.


The last month has brought to light a few interesting facts about Liberty Computers. I was glancing through some work reports and noticed that our service order number had rolled over the 10,000 mark …. which means we have carried out over 10,000 installations and items of work since we introduced the computerized tracking system in January 2005. And that is a full two years AFTER I took up the business. It also got me thinking …. We must be the oldest established foreign run IT company in Pattaya if not Chonburi! The current high season has also seen incredible growth, especially with our POS and associated systems, with over 90 sites in pattaya alone and another 120+ across Thailand and beyond including at some duty free shops on the Thai border!

Enough of that though, and here is a bit of the serious stuff!

Early adopters of Google’s latest Android operating system (V5.0 or Lollipop) are warning others of problems with the software.

Issues include the update causing Nexus 7 tablets to run slowly and repeatedly crash. The code also appears to remove apps built with Adobe Air and then prevent them from being reinstalled. Adobe said they have escalated it with Google.

Android 5.0 is described as a “quantum leap forward” by Google and it revamps the system’s user interface, offers greater control over notifications, and makes changes to the way the OS executes code.

At the moment, it is only available to a limited number of machines, because many network operators and device manufacturers have yet to complete their own tests.

Android Lollipop adapts its look to suit smartwatches, smartphones and tablets, with Nvidia, LG and Motorola having released Android Lollipop updates for some of their handsets and tablets.

Dozens of messages posted to Google’s own forums suggest that owners of the 2012 version of the Nexus 7, in particular, are experiencing headaches. “Some apps won’t work and some crash. I wish I didn’t install the update” was one user comment. Another user stated “Chrome is dead, unusable, Firefox just about works, the keyboard takes over a minute to load, nearly works if you hunt and peck but dies if you try to swipe.”

Android 5.0 was released to the public earlier in November

Examples of titles that use the technology in Lollipop include Machinarium, Hero Mages and Empire Four Kingdoms, while non-gaming examples include Instaweather Pro and Conqu.

However. bugs in major software updates are not uncommon and my own bitter experience tells me it is better to wait a short while after the initial release before carrying out the update. Let other braver souls than I find out any potentially crippling problems first, is the best advice I can give!

Finally, it just remains for myself and all my staff to wish you all a very happy festive season and a prosperous 2015!