An Elegant return on investment


An Elegant return on investment

With interest rates in banks across the world at historically low levels, people with money to invest are always looking out for better places to park their money. Real estate has always been a pretty safe bet over the longer term, especially in places where growth is almost assured over time.

Pattaya certainly fits the bill when it comes to growth, with the city having expanded at a level not many had forecast. This has led to a vibrant property market, particularly in those parts of Pattaya where land and space are at a premium.

One of these ‘premium’ areas is the Pratamnak Hill area with the Cosy Beach part, an area neatly situated between the high-end Royal Cliff Beach Resort Hotel and the prestigious Royal Varuna Yacht Club, being especially high-end and sought-after.

AML Developments is a company which has built the Elegance @ Cosy Beach Condominium, and they are in a position to offer an incredible guaranteed rental return on seven of the units within the complex, with rates varying from 6.7 to 8.2 percent, net.

The purchase price for one of the seven available rental units varies from 5.439 million baht to 6.048 million baht with the gross rentals between 36,850 and 42,150 baht per month. After paying the monthly maintenance fee of 35 baht per square metre, the net rental returns vary from 32,593 to 37,523 baht per month.

All guaranteed rental return units are between 69 and 73.5 square metres in size, with four situated on the second floor, two on the third floor, and one on the sixth floor.

In all, Elegance is a seven-storey condominium built to the highest standards: from underground parking to Scorpion security doors to interior walls built extra thick to really reduce the impact of whatever extraneous ambient noise may be around.

The units vary from studio, one, two, and three-bedrooms in sizes from 36 to 200 square metres. That means there is something for every taste and budget. With the stunning sea-views firmly in mind, the balconies are not the usual tacked-on afterthoughts, but instead are meant to be almost key, integral entities, encouraging owners to soak up the beauty of their surroundings.

The windows are made from powder-coated aluminium, which is the best available. That’s an important issue in a building which will be facing the sea and the salt spray.

The kitchens are, of course, fully-fitted European style and each apartment is designed to maximize storage space. Apart from a well-equipped gym, Elegance is topped off by a 17-metre infinity edge rooftop pool.

The Royal Varuna Yacht Club is a mere two minutes walk away; Cosy Beach just three minutes, and the nearby shops and restaurants are also but a short stroll from the front entrance.

For further information on the Elegance @ Cosy Beach condominium, visit their website: or to talk about the amazing guaranteed rental return deal, call Darren on 08 999 33 689 or, to speak in Thai, ring Paweena on 09 258 32 643.