Magna Carta: more than a decade of legal service


Magna Carta: more than a decade of legal service

One frequently asked question among expats living in Pattaya and parts of the Eastern Seaboard is, ‘where do you find a good lawyer?’ as there are quite a number of law firms in and around Pattaya. Finding a good and reputable law firm, the same way as for a law firm to prove their company and people as good and reputable, is never easy. However, with more than a decade of serving its domestic and international clientele, Magna Carta Law Office has already proven its professionalism and competency in their field of practice.

For history buffs, the original Magna Carta was, of course, the document King John of England was compelled to sign at Runnymede in 1215. That document is one of the most famous in history and widely known as an important part of the protracted historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law in England and beyond.

Calling the Pattaya-based company Magna Carta was the idea of its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chalermwat Wimuktayon, better known as Pico. He is also the Chairman of the Lawyers Association of Pattaya Provincial Court, a committee member of the Lawyers Council of the Pattaya Provincial Court and on the committee of the Immigration Bureau of Chonburi Province. Magna Carta Law Office was founded with the aim to create a business based around fair and excellent legal services.

Established in 2003 in South Pattaya, Magna Carta’s team of barristers, senior lawyers, junior lawyers, certified accountants, native English, German and Russian-speaking Thai law consultants have been providing the very best service and advice on criminal and civil law, accounting, business planning, real estate transactions, and providing financial advice for loan transactions. All of these services are handled by more than 30 professionals and specialists in their field in an effort to ensure the best up-to-date advice is always given.

As a One-Stop-Service Law Firm with the wide array of available services, Magna Carta made great efforts at trying to secure the best team of legal brains to provide comprehensive and personalized legal assistance and beyond. Pico and his team are strongly committed to providing expert and professional legal advice, thus developing good relationships with their valued clients. The management and staff of Magna Carta Law Office work hand in hand to constantly seek for various ways and means that will enable them to promptly respond to the different personal or corporate concerns of all their valued clients of different nationalities. They have gained the trust of their clients because they make sure that the entire team is always equipped with accurate and updated information. This is why Magna Carta Law Office is the leading law firm you can trust in and around the Eastern Seaboard.

According to Mr. Anthony Justice (Magna Carta’s Executive Officer Overseeing Legal and Finance Division), In more than 10 years of serving people, everyone associated with Magna Carta shares an enthusiasm and appreciation for their practice of law. Their self-motivation, aggressiveness and enthusiasm have contributed much to what Magna Carta is today and what they will be in the future.

Please feel free to Call 038 373735 to 6 or send email to [email protected] to request for an appointment or visit Magna Carta Law Office from Monday to Friday at 8:30 am to 6:00 pm for a Free No Obligation Initial Consultation.

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MAGNA CARTA is the leading law firm in Pattaya and Eastern Seaboard you can trust, as each of our team members is a dedicated specialist in their field of practice, which is essential in delivering exceptional solutions and services to our clients.