Kinetix, leading the technological workplace


Kinetix, leading the technological workplace

In 2012, two veterans of the Information Technology (IT) revolution decided to team up and establish Kinetix. The company is a technical solutions provider which offers major corporations and small businesses alike a professionally produced system to reduce inefficiency in the workplace by the utilization of technology.

The pace of technological change in the modern world has been so astounding over the past few decades that it is sometimes hard to believe just how far we have come. This has led to specialist companies sprouting up worldwide to handle these changes, and Kinetix is certainly one of the standouts in their field in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

A well-designed and clearly thought-out functional workspace requires in-depth knowledge of current technologies and some idea of what the future in technology is likely to hold. From video conferencing and content sharing to inter-active presentation systems and collaborative environments, Kinetix has developed a profound knowledge of the workspace. That knowledge is used to reduce inefficiency in the workplace to a minimum by enhancing the use of the technology currently available.

How to reduce expenses is a major consideration within all organisations, and Kinetix notes that utilizing technology efficiently is regarded as one of the top five ways to bring down corporate expenditure.

Kinetix initially starts off by conducting consultation and engineering meetings to determine the client’s requirements. This is followed by the production of detailed engineering drawings.

A functionality document is produced at the system engineering stage. The points within this are then agreed with the client, thereby ensuring the project can be successfully completed.

The next stage in the Kinetix strategy involves the procurement of electronics and equipment installation. The third and final stage evolves around programming and commissioning the entire system so that it meets the requirements of the customer. A service contract can be provided if the client wants Kinetix to maintain the system, and also make any functional changes the client requires.

Their systems programmers approach each task by engaging logical software, with the aim of making the end result as seamless and foolproof as possible. Every program, although simple to use, has in-depth counter measures in place to ensure a minimum of downtime should any problems arise.

Kinetix control systems supply and maintain SMS and email fault reporting allowing their engineers to be pro-active, and not re-active, when identifying possible systems failures. Their control systems send out emails to the IT department, or relevant section, within a corporation or small business. The Kinetix service staff cover such failures such as power shortages, projector lamp life, air-conditioning failures, and rack room overheating. These reports become critical when maintaining a company’s assets. This portion is built-in to every Kinetix system through their custom software.

Additionally, every installed system is supported by a one-year guarantee, thus emphasizing the confidence Kinetix place in their products.

Once complete, the client is able to make entire presentations in digital format. This allows them to perform such relatively simple yet important tasks like being able to highlight sections and take notes within an electronic environment, either using handwriting or by audio dictation. It also offers features that allow an easy search of the data and other documents. The Kinetix system allows users to share notes with other colleagues, discuss matters before a meeting, and thereby be better prepared when scheduled conferences take place. This allows for more efficient and focused boardroom meetings.

With video conferencing, and creating virtual office space within the ‘cloud’, decisions can be made far more speedily. Reducing travel time and finding ways to make staff more productive, for example, by way of the audio-video services Kinetix has established within its conferencing solutions offers an inexpensive method to boost productivity.

All-in-all Kinetix offers a very unique and professional service, and if you’re interested in really driving your business forward technologically, and cutting unnecessary costs, simply contact them by email: [email protected] or visit their website: