Amazing Projects Amazing Staff. The Key to Tulip Group’s Success.


Amazing Projects Amazing Staff. The Key to Tulip Group’s Success.

Tulip Group is run by Kobi Elbaz CEO and Jason Payne Vice President, and is building some of the most exclusive properties in Pattaya, including the Waterfront at Bali Hai Marina, Centara Grand Residence in Na Jomtien, and has recently opened Centara Grand Phratamnak hotel.

The company has a reputation for using the very best designers and architects to deliver world class designs and Kobi and Jason are known for working almost 18 hours a day to ensure that these projects are built on time and that the Tulip Group name is recognized for being a true leader in Pattaya. But the key to their success according to Vice President Jason Payne is the companies staff.

Tulip has a reputation for being a company that takes care of its staff and are always looking for the best people. Not many people that join Tulip Group leave the company, which shows that Kobi and Jason must be doing something right to keep such great people in their team.

Recently Tulip announced that they were expanding their sales and marketing departments both locally and overseas and had appointed a number of talented and extremely experienced Thai nationals in the roles of Sales Director and Senior Marketing & Communications Manager.

Jason explained why he wanted such a powerful team

“From the very beginning of Tulip I knew we had to have a strong team that would grow with us, like a family. Therefore it was important for me to have the very best people from the beginning, this was very difficult when we first started the company and basically Kobi and myself were doing everything alone, but as the company grew we started to find great people” Said Jason

Tulip Group needed experienced talented staff that could come in and fully understand what Tulip Group was all about. With so many projects planned there was no way that Kobi and Jason could continue to keep doing most things themselves, so they recruited a very strong operations Manager in Keith Fathers, who is very talented, honest and very reliable. Jason said that his sales teams in all offices are amazing and extremely hard working.

“We are very lucky with the staff that we have in Tulip Group, the additional appointments and promotions of experienced people like Miss Tharataphisawas (Khun Yok) and Miss Tungateja (Khun Mook) shows that we are driven to always move the company forward,” said Jason.

Tulip Group also has 2 Russian team members, who Jason said were two of the nicest Russian staff that he has had the pleasure of working with.

“Anna and Kristina are both very important to our company. We have 5 projects but only 2 Russian team members, so together they both completely control all of our Russian marketing and sales, which shows how strong they are.

In addition to this they also have their own in house design team, run by Mr Ron Keeley Creative Design Manager. “it’s very important that we have the ability to do everything in house, so having a design and marketing team is of great benefit to me personally, they can turn my off the wall ideas in to reality” continued Jason

We expect to see a lot more of Tulip Group in the future with new hotels and the completion of their stunning projects. For Further information