Yenjit: the place to go for the best in exchange rates


Yenjit: the place to go for the best in exchange rates

If you never read about, or watched the television, for Thailand news, and you were visiting Pattaya, the chances are quite strong that you’d never know there was a high-tension political crisis taking place in the country. The 2006 military coup and the 2010 government crackdown on protesters were major events in recent Thai history that could easily have been missed by anyone not remotely concerned about keeping up with current affairs, and living in Pattaya.

So it is these days according to the operators of what is arguably the best exchange rate service company in Pattaya, Yenjit Currency Exchange. While Bangkok suffers from its political tensions, Pattaya remains busy, filled with tourists for the high season. The turnover at the five, and by the time you read this, six, Yenjit Currency Exchange outlets in Pattaya remains at the same levels the operators were seeing in 2013.

Yenjit Currency Exchange was one of the first independent companies of its type to open for business in Pattaya, and their Walking Street booth (opposite Tony’s at the south end of the nightlife thoroughfare) is probably one of the best known in the resort.

Yet they also operate a further five outlets across Pattaya and Jomtien (as well as two in Bangkok), with a sixth due to open for business in early March. This latest Yenjit Currency Exchange will be on Central Pattaya Road, near the Beach Road junction and is expected to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Given almost every exchange booth operates in a narrow 12-hour or so band usually 10am to 10pm, or even earlier), an all-day and night service will allow Yenjit to ‘cash in’ as it were on those night owls who spend their days tucked up in bed, or, more to the point, those who arrive in Pattaya from a late-night flight and want to get cashed up before hitting the town.

Yenjit Currency Exchanges pride themselves on offering the best rates in town fo the vast majority of currencies, especially the major ones such as the US dollar, British pound, Aussie dollar and the like.

Yenjit are proud sponsors of the map page in the Pattaya Business Supplement, and this makes it easy to find their six outlets: in Walking Street, Soi Buakhao, Central Pattaya Road (two, including inside Tops Supermarket), Soi 5, Jomtien, and Soi Chaiyapreuk.

Apart from currency exchanges, Yenjit also offer a Visa service as well as dabbling in real estate and travel.

Their Visa service covers the full range from tourist to retirement requirements and work permits. For more information on their Visa setup, contact them on 083 988 0003.

If you want to undertake travel to any domestic or international destination, Yenjit have the staff capable of arranging all that is necessary to get you from door to airport and beyond; and back again, of course.

Their real estate setup is also geared to present a range of good quality properties for sale and rent, both private and commercial.

For further information about Yenjit, check out their website: or contact them by phone: 083 988 0002.