Still leading the language school field


Still leading the language school field

This year TLS Language Schools will celebrate the 15th anniversary of their establishment in Bangkok and will also mark the opening of what may well become a major tourist attraction just outside of Pattaya: the TLS Cultural Centre.

A decade ago, that first TLS Language School achieved a major milestone when the Ministry of Education issued it with educational and TEFL licences.

TLS Language Schools currently number five, with two centres in Bangkok, one in Lopburi, one in Ayutthaya, and one in Pattaya. The latter received an award for excellence from the Ministry of Education in 2012.

Dr Tewi Gleeson is the main person behind the award-winning schools and is a prime example of what can be achieved by way of education.

Tewi grew up in the south of Thailand where she was fortunate that her mother was a teacher. Although they were poor, Tewi’s mother inculcated her daughter with the need for education.

At 17 she went to university in Bangkok. It was a hard slog as Tewi went to work during the day and studied for her degree at night and on weekends, all the while sending as much money home as she could to help her family.

After gaining her degree Tewi began working in a better job for more money. Then, aged 28, she decided she wanted to do even better and take a Master’s Degree in Management. This required financial help from her mother and brother.

Four years later Tewi gained her Master’s Degree and the now 32-year-old was able to take on even better-paid employment which enabled her to start repaying her mother and brother for their support.

In September 2004, Tewi decided to go even further in her own educational quest for outstanding achievement by taking up a doctorate degree course. This made her mother extremely proud.

Just three months later the Boxing Day tsunami struck the south and among those tragically killed was Tewi’s mother.

The tragedy spurred Tewi on to make sure she gained her Doctorate, for her own satisfaction but equally as a tribute to her inspirational and much-admired mother.

Tewi finally gained her Ph.D in 2011 and, in July 2012, was awarded a second doctorate.

While taking on the educational task of studying for her Ph.D, Tewi was also expanding her TLS Language Schools. Business and education combined in the business of education. That they have proved so successful is probably of no surprise to anyone who is aware of the sacrifices and the driving ambition of Dr Tewi Gleeson.

Presently, Dr Tewi teaches Master’s Degree courses at two universities and is an advisor on three Senate committees. Time management is obviously another of her skills.

Later this year, Tewi and her husband Chris expect to open the first centre specifically designed to showcase the broad spectrum of Thai culture.

In 2012 they purchased a large block of land in the Huay Yai area, south of Pattaya, with the aim of spending up to 40 million baht in constructing this centre. Apart from aspects of Thai culture on show, it will incorporate a spa, and classes to teach traditional Thai massage.

Recently, a Senate committee led by Senator’s Sopon Srimalek and Peera Mantas paid a visit to the unfinished Cultural Centre, presenting Chris Gleeson with a certificate of appreciation of the support and help he has given over the past few years.

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