RS Unveils Plan To Become Media Revolutionist In 2014


RS Unveils Plan To Become Media Revolutionist In 2014

Entertainment Press Releases Wednesday January 29, 2014 08:28

Bangkok–29 Jan–RS

RS is ready for the groundbreaking battle this year, unveiling its business plan for the Golden Horse year, with its eyes set on being Thailand’s Media Revolutionist 2014 to create high-quality entertainment content with social responsibility. The company will build on the previous year’s success in its media network, with an aim to bag 5 billion baht revenue this year or to grow by 43%. It believes that the media industry will still thrive, and it is confident in its potential in every aspect.

Mr Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Public Company Limited, revealed that at present, the television industry in Thailand is very vibrant due to the historic transition into the digital free TV broadcast, which will begin in April 2014, following the impending expiry of the analog broadcast. RS, as the leader in the entertainment business, has planned to step forward as the Media Revolutionist 2014, transforming the face of the media by creating high-quality entertainment content with social responsibility. This is the next step following its success in building a multi content media network in the previous year, which has equipped the company’s entertainment network to meet the lifestyle of today’s consumers and set a new business model for the company, incorporating three core areas – media, music and showbiz.

The business strategy for 2014, with an aim to become Media Revolutionist 2014, is to develop its content to be better, more accessible and more diverse by synergizing with other industries in terms of content and media. This year, RS expects to bag 5 billion baht revenue, with net profit of 12% and 43% growth compared to last year. Of that number, 73% will come from its media business, 13% from music and 14% from showbiz. It will continue to focus on three key businesses. The media business is expected to bring in 3,650 million baht, through its digital free TV sector which has Channel 8 as its core strength. Entertainment programs, news programs and soap operas have been planned in time for the launch of this digital SD channel in April. Its satellite TV business, which was the star of last year, includes Sabaidee TV which has retained its number one rating among satellite TV music channels for four years in a row. Star Max which has been rebranded as Channel 2 to make it more easily recognized and accessible will be assigned at number 2 of most satellite boxes. You Channel, a 24-hour channel for music lovers of all ages, is packed with fun activities throughout the year. Sun Channel La Liga, under the concept Entertainment Variety, features La Liga football matches to entertain the football fans.

Additionally, RS is planning to introduce a new channel – World Cup Channel, which will feature world-class sports content, FIFA World Cup 2014, which will start this June and July.

As for its radio business, this year, Cool Fahrenheit will continue to be its highlight, with an aim to remain at number one among easy listening radio stations, a spot it has claimed for over a decade. Meanwhile, Cool Celsius 91.5, its international music station which was launched last year under the concept Killer Content, showcases American Top 40 chart hosted by Ryan Seacrest, broadcast live on 150 radio stations worldwide. Another station is 88.5 Sabaidee Radio, a station dedicated to various Thai songs for everyone in the family, which is based on the success of Sabaidee TV. The three radio stations are well received by the audience, agencies and businesses.

Its music business is expected to generate 650 million baht or 13% of its total revenue. Yes! Music, Garden Music, Kamikaze, The Demo and R Siam will continue to produce high quality music for every audience group.

The company’s showbiz sector, which is based on its music business, is aimed to bring in 700 million baht or 14% of the total revenue. This year, RS will continue to organize concerts and events throughout the year.

“Overall, the media industry this year will continue to grow, and the advertising spending on TV will grow as well. This is because of the change into free digital TV, which will give the audience more options. As a result, there will be fierce competition in terms of content, because only the best content will attract viewers successfully. RS, as Media Revolutionist 2014, will select the best content including soap operas, music, sports, and high quality game shows to offer our audience. As a company, we have to manage our income and capital well, so that our work goes according to plan,” commented Mr Surachai.