Arcadia to lead the charge for Heights Holdings


Arcadia to lead the charge for Heights Holdings

“Arcadia is the largest inner-city resort in Pattaya,” notes Heights Holdings spokesman Oliver Nabarro. Now, before someone argues that it’s not the largest in the city, Oliver qualifies his comment by saying there are larger resorts, including The Maldives, which is also a Heights Holdings project, but “it is seven buildings, whereas Arcadia only has four.” He also added Arcadia is the largest as far as resorts that are sited close to the main attractions of Pattaya such as Walking Street and the likes of Cosy Beach.

Fully known as the Arcadia Beach Resort, Pattaya, this is the 16th development under the Heights Holdings brand name. Situated just off Thappraya Road, Soi 9, in South Pattaya, Arcadia will be a serviced resort featuring a fully managed beach club as well as a raft of pool and recreational facilities within what will be a luxurious gated complex.

According to the company, Pattaya’s Arcadia Beach Resort is intended to be the first development of many across Asia and will set the standard for luxurious, holiday living in a prime inner-city location.

The four resort condominium buildings will each be of eight-storeys, stretching across 17,600 square metres. Over 65 per cent of this area will be dedicated to recreational purposes. At the centre of this is a five-storey Beach Club,

Parking will be underground and within the complex will be a 300-square-metre supermarket as well as other shops and boutiques and commercial services.

Two swimming pools will be built on two levels and will be landscaped in a way to provide privacy and seclusion. They will include Jacuzzis and submerged sunbeds to give a more unique feel. Three large pool bars will offer owners and guest refreshments around and in the pool. In keeping with the resort theme, overhanging sun decks will give spectacular views over Arcadia.

By placing the four structures on the outside borders of the plot, Oliver said this allows “the maximum amount of area between the buildings.” That way, people don’t feel as if the recreational facilities are ‘surrounded’ by concrete. This means there is approximately 75 metres between the four buildings.

Internally, there will be a large, fully-equipped gym and fitness centre with top-notch equipment. Along the same lines, health and fitness, there will be a first-class spa and massage facilities along with a managed steam room and dry sauna with hot and cold Jacuzzis.

As far as apartment sizes are concerned, Arcadia has just two options: 25 sq.m. one bedroom condos and 49 or 50 sq.m. two-bedroom places. Oliver says the way the one-bedroom condos are designed actually gives a “spacious feeling within such a small area.” Of course, at just 1.2 million baht, for a central city location, it’s no surprise he says that Arcadia is selling so well.

The expected start date for construction is January 2015 with the 1,000 or so units aimed to be completed by December 2016.

With thick walls and high ceilings, Height Holdings believes, “All of the aspects of construction will contribute to a very nice experience for the residents.”

Arcadia is expected to begin construction in January 2015 with aimed-for completion by December 2016.

In the food stakes, Arcadia will boast a terraced, air-conditioned restaurant serving Thai and International cuisine – for breakfast, lunch or dinner, while a sunset rooftop bar and club could well be the perfect place to start an evening before heading out on the town.

As Oliver noted, “You don’t need to leave…because you have everything there at your fingertips. So, in terms of infrastructure there’s nothing really missing.”