Seven Wonders of the XD World, right here in Pattaya


Seven Wonders of the XD World, right here in Pattaya

The tXD Theater company has, in just four years, created possibly the single most exciting series of indoor thrills it is possible to enjoy in Pattaya, with the lights still on. Their entertainment center, located in the Central Festival Beach Mall, has seven of the best in-house attractions in Pattaya, and, indeed, in Thailand, spread across 3,000 square metres.

They began in 2009 with their XD Theater 6D Motion Ride cinema, situated on the sixth floor of Central Festival. Accommodating a maximum of 80 customers per hour, the XD Theater 6D motion ride is one of the most popular in the world with special moving seats designed with the latest Hollywood technology. With 400 movements per second allied to sound, wind, lights, and other special effects, the motion ride is something you’ll never forget.

On the same floor is the Interactive Shooting Gallery. This can take up to 100 customers per hour and was the winner of the Best Attractions Award in the United States in 2012.

If you’re still feeling the need for an adrenalin rush, and who wouldn’t be, then tXD have no less than five attractions on the fourth floor of Central Festival.

Do you want to keep your heart rate up? Then start off in the 3D Haunted House. A maximum of 80 customers per hour might sound like there is safety in numbers, but when you’re confronted by the Curse of the Mummy, in 3D, you’ll feel all alone and very vulnerable! As the management say, ‘go in and do not be afraid (or be afraid, but go)’.

After all of the above, maybe it’s time to settle down a little, so make your way into the MaxFlight simulator, in HD-3D. In truth, your heart will probably still be racing, but this time it will be because you’re ‘flying’ , without ever leaving the ground. This is tXD’s newest attraction.

But wait, there’s more. Stay seated by all means, but venture into Spin Zone Bumper Cars and drive like everyone else in Thailand (almost), but in complete safety while enjoying the thrills, but no spills, of crashing into those about you.

On the same floor, the fourth, you can then zip into the Fun House with its mirror maze, moving bridge, plasma ball and upside-down room. Just don’t eat before you hit that attraction.

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what it really takes to be a Formula One driver then the Red Bull Racing Simulator will give you a taste. It’s the most advanced F1 racing simulation technology, but a maximum of 10 customers per hour means you might have to wait on occasions to test your rubber burning skills.

tXD Theater are not content to rest on their excitement laurels. Opening in February will be the XD Dark Ride, on the sixth floor. If the rest of the fun is anything to go by, it will prove extremely popular.

tXD Theater also have thrill-seeker attractions in Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, and the fairly new Mimosa Family Entertainment Center in Jomtien.

The quality of the products is of the highest standard with the entertainment units built in the United States and Canada.

In 2014 they plan to open another outlet on Koh Samui and spread even further with a centre in Dubai.

For more information please visit their website: or simply take yourself down to Central Festival and give any of their attractions a try. You’ll be glad you did.