Mari Jari just keeps getting better


Mari Jari just keeps getting better

Located just off Jomtien Second Road on Soi Wat Boon, the Mari-Jari Sauna and Spa Center has carved a real niche for itself in the highly competitive massage and spa sector.

Opened in 2012, the Mari-Jari Sauna and Spa Center has all the ambience of a plush resort. In fact, the management have recognised what they believe is a gap in the marketplace, and now are looking to offer customers an all-day package designed to totally rejuvenate even the most tired of bodies. They’re also looking to attract families, thereby hoping to make the entire sauna and spa experience not just physically rejuvenating but also provide a day of fond memories for the entire family.

With its variety of sauna styles, from Russian to Finnish and Turkish, as well as its steam rooms, as well as its massage facilities, large swimming pool, and on-site restaurant, Mari Jari is positioning itself to be the ‘go to’ place for a full day out for expats and others who might just want to get away from the day-to-day drudge or for tourists looking to really relax in an environment that doesn’t include simply sitting around a pool or in a deckchair on the beach.

The Mari Jari complex simply oozes class and style and have created a place which could be picked up and transported to anywhere else in the world and still be a standout to the naked eye.

Management recognise the need to offer a variety of packages to suit both the expat and tourist markets. There are some visitors who will just want to use the sauna and/or spa; others will want to engage only in a therapeutic massage, be it of the aqua or dry variety; still others might like to partake of a massage and body scrub; and then there are those who may wish to simply sample the fresh quality food served in the restaurant.

Mari Jari have packages to suit most requirements. Their most simple and straightforward set consists of a single entrance fee of 500 baht or a card offering five visits at 2,000 baht or another card with 10 visits for just 3,500 baht.

From the elegantly designed interiors, the dim mood-enhancing lighting, the subtle and soothing background music, to the cup of green tea, the aim is to sub-consciously put you in a relaxed and serene frame of mind in preparation for the pampering ahead.

Mari-Jari boasts a real Russian sauna (known as banya) as well as a Turkish bath (called hammam), two Finnish-style saunas and a Thai-style spa zone.

And it all comes down to personal taste. For some, the Russian (banya) would always be their sauna of choice. For others, it’s the Finnish way that gets their pores glistening.

For tourists who are still feeling jet-lag, Mari Jari has developed a special spa package that could just be the very tonic you need to overcome the lethargy and give your body the kick-start it needs.

Once you’re done with the pampering and the steaming and your pores are so relaxed and fresh they’ll be thanking you for a week, you may well find you have quite an appetite.

Mari Jari’s on-site restaurant is open to spa and sauna customers, and non-customers, alike. There’s no entrance fee. The chef and staff of the restaurant only use healthy food ingredients. There are no flavour enhancers or MSG or any other artificial ingredients used in their food; it’s all fresh and healthy, but tasty and satisfying as well.

The owners also welcome non-spa or sauna customers as well. Mari-Jari is open from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm (23:00) from Tuesday through to Sunday. Visit their website for more information: