Vitallife Future Health Programme Launched To Celebrate 12th Anniversary


Vitallife Future Health Programme Launched To Celebrate 12th Anniversary

Vitallife Corp. Ltd., manager of Asia leading Wellness Centre marked its 12th anniversary with the launch of a new programme of personalised, integrated treatments to help clients achieve optimum physical and mental health by boosting their immunity, regeneration processes, and vitality.

The new ‘Future Health’ programme was announced today by Mr Anthony Jude Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Vitallife Corp. Ltd.

“For 12 years Vitallife has been a pioneer in promoting healthy living habits and regenerative treatments for its clients,” said Mr Anthony. “Our ‘Future Health’ program continues this track record of ground-breaking, innovation by incorporating the latest trends in medical research, technology and care, bringing a new 21st century health paradigm to the treatment of our clients.”

“We are making it a much more inclusive program – one which involves the whole family and shows it is never too young to start living a healthy life,” added Mr Anthony.

Mr Anthony said early adoption of a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever as Thailand, like many other countries in the region, is registering fast rising rates of lifestyle-related diseases. A recent Ministry of Public Health forecast predicted the number of diabetes patients in Thailand will triple to more than four million in the next eight years.

Public health statistics had also revealed that over the past five years, the obesity rate among young adults (between 20 – 29 years of age) increased 36 per cent among men and 47 per cent for women.

“These are very disturbing trends. Heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer are among the most prevalent diseases in Thailand today, and our ‘Future Health’ initiative will take our new forward-looking approach combining medical programs to balance and boost immune systems, supported by customized diet and exercise programs, and the latest scientific developments in testing and regenerative processes.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to bringing proven medical science predictive tests to its clients, the Wellness Centre had introduced new laboratory medical tests in the last 12 months which provide deeper analysis of immune systems and stress factors. These include the Interleukin balance tests, as well as Telomere and gene tests which have proven to be new and important indicators of longevity and health.

The Centre’s preventative care programs promote customized nutrition, sports medicine, and compounding supplement programs, while Anti-Aging treatment includes comprehensive regular check-ups, and weight management, detox, and hormone replacement treatments. Regenerative options such as rejuvenation cell therapy, and joint regeneration, are designed to help people enjoy an active life for longer.

The new Future Health program encourages individuals and families adopt a pro-active, comprehensive and long-term approach to health.

“Our goal is to encourage all members of the family to make good health a priority. While many grandparents and parents are generally very aware of their health, we strongly encourage children to learn and follow healthy living practices from a young age.

“Given the alarming levels of youth obesity and diabetes in many countries around the world, raising awareness and understanding among this group of children at-risk is more important than ever.”