A well-designed boutique resort


A well-designed boutique resort

It has what many think is an unusual name: Habitus. For what is envisaged as ‘Pattaya’s finest design boutique resort’ it is perhaps worth making an effort to define the word habitus.

By one definition ‘Habitus refers to lifestyles, values, tastes and expectations of particular social groups acquired through the experiences and activities of everyday life.’ If that doesn’t make it clear enough then perhaps the simple statistics of this project will.

Habitus will be what is called a low density resort which will certainly be boasting an exclusivity factor for the developer Powerhouse Properties. Habitus, which is Powerhouses third major project, will be set on a generous expanse of just under three rai (51,677 Sq ft or 4,800 Sqm) of land in Jomtien. Half of this land will be dedicated to what will be impeccably maintained gardens, swimming pools, wooden decks and terraces, various reflection pools and water features that collectively make for a truly spacious and picturesque communal grounds. Each of the three buildings will have two elevators descending to a basement where a total of 75 individual spaces provide ample parking.

A distinctive character will be prevalent throughout Habitus where high quality design and uncompromised choice of materials will be clearly identifiable inside and out. Habitus is planned to have around 228 units spread between the three, seven-storey buildings all with a selection of six-unit configurations. Every unit will come with high quality fitted bathrooms as well as fitted kitchens and centralized air conditioning. Tasteful furniture packages are also available as additional options.

Habitus is expected to be defined by an undeniable individuality, combining contemporary natural elements with a sustainable urban living space, and drawing a perfect balance between style and functionality.

Pattaya is a city that thrives of its own merits, a city that has used its notoriety to elevate it to the debatable status of ‘The Entertainment Capital of Asia’. The transformation of Pattaya is witnessed by those of us who live here on a daily basis, and with the increasing local and foreign investment, added commercial appeal and ‘cosmetic’ blossom, comes responsibility and an increasing risk of ‘generic monotony’.                                                              

Habitus, from its initial planning, has been designed with an uninhibited idea, free from parameters governed by a formula of utilizing the maximum space where sacrifices are made for profitability.

Being centrally sited in Jomtien Beach, a location proven to be one of the strongest growth regions in Thailand, means the positioning of Habitus will offer the ultimate in convenience, whilst retaining privacy from the secluded tropical landscape. An exceptional array of city center amenities from fine dining restaurants, wine bars, cafes, spas and much more can all be located within a few minutes’ walk but more importantly, so can the beach.

Renowned for its six kilometres of palm fringed golden sand, Jomtien beach caters to all tastes. The busier northern end of Jomtien beach is a hive of activity with sailing, parasailing, scuba diving, fishing and boat trips available every day.

In contrast, the Southern stretch of Jomtien beach is calm and peaceful, often the only footsteps in the pristine sands are your own.

For more information on the Habitus development simply email: [email protected] or contact their office on 038 059 635.