Set to become a Pattaya legend


Set to become a Pattaya legend

The word on the street is that the newly-opened Legends Pool and Sports Bar is set to be a game changer, if you’ll pardon the pun. The name might just sound like just another sport-oriented public house, but the management have really thought long and hard about what they were trying to achieve. The result is arguably the most classy, up-market, and stunning addition to the line-up of sporting venues in the city.

Located at the junction of Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya Road) and Third Road, opposite the TOT building, Legends Pool and Sports Bar boasts 11 Brunswick pool tables, a specially-designed and laid out darts area, and 17 plasma TV’s designed to show every sport anyone could possibly want to watch.

From the beginning the owners set out to create something different and spectacular, and it seems they have achieved this, in spades. Every aspect has been carefully considered. From the location of the venue and the need to have somewhere which would permit plentiful and easy customer parking for both motor vehicles and motor bikes to the layout of the venue to the high-class accoutrements.

Customer parking is often one of the last things new business ventures think about, yet it’s almost as important as what is on offer internally. In this case, Legends Pool and Sports Bar has satisfied that aspect.

A Jomtien-based interior decoration company, the Design Corner, was engaged to fit out the venue. The result is stunning. The aesthetics which have gone into the design and layout of the bar already has local tongues wagging in praise. The most common phrase uttered when someone first steps inside the bar is “wow”. Now that’s not something you expect to hear when wandering into a sports bar.

The central feature of the bar is a giant ’10 ball’ which is surrounded by a stainless-steel round bar. It’s an eye-catcher with a blue lighting effect going all the way up.

Their advertising claims Legends Pool and Sports Bar is ‘The Best Pool and Darts Venue in Pattaya’. Once again, the talk around town from some quarters is that the claim is pretty close to being accurate, rather than the usual hyperbole one expects of newly-opened places in the city.

The 17 plasma TV’s are all 51-inch monsters tied into eight satellites so that live sport can be beamed in any time of the day or evening from across the globe. So, if you want to see your favourite sport on a big-screen TV and feel like chilling out in a truly plush venue, either inside or sitting on the terrace outside, then Legends is worth the visit.

As far as the actual sports of pool and darts are concerned, then Legends appears to have the drop on anywhere else in Pattaya.

Of the 11 Brunswick 9-foot pool tables, three are what are classified as Tournament Edition. As the owners note, the Tournament-class tables are ‘for the more experienced player who demands a bit more of a challenge. Brunswick are the world’s leading pool table manufacturer and once you have played on one you can see why.’

Ok, it’s not as if there aren’t plenty of places to play pool in Pattaya. Yet given the number of people who like to play pool to a certain standard, there are limited avenues, so, as the Legends people note, ‘we decided to give the public an outstanding place to ply their skills, play with friends and enjoy the atmosphere…’

Equally, Legends has set up Pattaya’s first state-of-the-art Darts area which they believe is good enough to host local and national competitions. which is sure to become the city’s “home of darts”.

As well, Legends conducts weekly pool and darts competitions and play in the local leagues.

The Legends Pool and Sports Bar might arguably be well on the way to living up to their tag line: ‘It’s what sport was invented for.’


Legends Pool and Sports Bar is open daily from midday until late. For more information contact them on 0898 171084, by email: [email protected]; web:; or check them out on Facebook –