Get your stomach filled in Bangkok


Get your stomach filled in Bangkok

Residents of Pattaya usually have a brace of restaurants they will visit over the course of a year, but what happens when you take a day out in Bangkok and you hanker for something a little bit different? Where do you go? What places might be worth more than a passing interest while you’re out for the day?

The following is just a brief selection of eateries offering a variety of Thai and international cuisine and you might happen to be in their area when the stomach rumbles and it’s time to stop for lunch or dinner, or just an excuse to take the weight off your feet and relax for a while.

Bang Na Central Mall, for example, has a branch of Zen, a Japanese restaurant chain. This particular outlet has an all-you-can-eat buffet and is on the seventh floor. There’s also a Vietnamese restaurant on the sixth floor which has daily specials and good lunch-time deals.

If you happen to be heading along Sukhumvit Road then The Londoner pub is close to Soi 31. It boasts the usual sort of fayre you’d expect to get in a British pub, including shepherds pie, fish and chips and beef and ale pie.

Along Kaset Nawamin Road is the Nawamin City Avenue complex. On the ground floor is 101 Grill which has grill-at-the-table meat and seafood as well as Italian and Thai food.

Over the the road in the Festival centre is the Red Basket Vietnamese restaurant. It’s on the ground floor facing Kaset Nawamin Road and has an open area in front which gives it a nice ambience.

At the top of Kaset Nawamin road is Chocolate Ville, an open-air eatery place which is a kind of Disneyland-meets-a-budget setup. There are a number of faux buildings and other architectural items modelled on what you would find in the real Disneyland. The place gets very busy with local Thais and tourists and there’s often a wait to get a table.

Finally, the Crystal Design Mall on the Ekkamai Ram-Intra Road has the Crystal Café. This features Mexican dishes as well as Thai food. Nachos are served free and it has nice inside and outside seating.

On the ground floor is an S&P restaurant and has outside seating on the terrace. S&P has packaged foods for take aways if you want to just grab something and keep on going.

On the second floor is an Italian restaurant called the Right Bank. It’s brick archways give it a wine cellar feel and there is plenty of seating on the outside deck.