7 Signs and Symptoms not to Ignore!


7 Signs and Symptoms not to Ignore!

Take note of important signs and symptoms that may be affecting your health – from unexplained weight loss to sudden flashes of light and know when to seek medical care.

No.1: Unexplained weight loss

Losing weight without trying might sound like the perfect situation for many people, but in fact it may signal a serious health problem. If you’ve lost up to 10 % of your total body weight in the last 6 months (15 pounds or 7 kilograms) without actually trying then you should consult a doctor. Unexplained weight loss can be caused by many conditions including an over active thyroid, diabetes, liver disease, cancer and even depression.

No.2: Persistent or high fever

Fever plays an important role in fighting infection, however if you’ve had a fever for more than 3 days, get checked by your doctor. Persistent fever can signal a hidden infection, which could be anything from a urinary tract infection to tuberculosis.

No.3: Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath that feels more severe than that caused by physical activity may point to an underlying health problem. If you’re unable to catch your breath or gasping for air, seek emergency medical care. Cause of breathlessness can be from pulmonary disease, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and even a blood clot in the lung.

No.4: Unexplained changes in bowel habits

Consult a doctor if you notice unusual or unexplained changes in bowel habits such as: persistent diarrhea or constipation, black or bloody colored stools. Changes in bowel habit could indicate bacterial or viral infection, and colon cancer.



No.5: Confusion or personality changes

Changes in behavior or thinking could be caused by many problems, including infection, anemia, low blood sugar, dehydration or mental health conditions. Sometimes medications contribute to confusion or personality changes.

No. 6: Feeling full after eating very little

If you constantly feel full after eating sooner than normal or after eating less than usual, you should speak to your doctor. This feeling known as early satiety may also be accompanied with nausea, vomiting, bloating, fever, and weight loss or weight gain. In some cases a more serious problem like pancreatic cancer may be a factor.

No.7: Flashes of light

Bright spots of flashes of light and other visual disturbances sometimes indicate a migraine. In other cases, sudden flashing lights could indicate retinal detachment. Immediate medical care should be taken to help prevent permanent vision loss.

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