The 7 Massive Technology Trends Set for 2022


What will 2022 bring to the world of tech? And what will tech bring to the world in 2022? Let’s take a peek!

1. Augmented Reality in Online Shopping
Online shopping in itself was a revolutionary concept just a decade ago. Being able to get everything from groceries to clothes and gadgets delivered straight to your door with the click of a button was unheard of before. But if there’s one area where online shopping keeps falling short, it is in managing expectations.

With augmented reality (AR), vendors can now create realistic 3D models of products, allowing potential buyers to see the item as if they had it in their hands before purchasing it. Not only will this provide a more accurate sample of the product you’re looking to purchase, but it’ll also encourage people to buy the things they weren’t so sure about.

2. Sustainability in Tech

Modern gadgets have proven themselves a permanent part of our daily lives, sparking an interest in making them more sustainable, both environmentally and economically.

2022 will see a greater shift towards repairing and reusing old devices rather than replacing them. Also, newer devices will be made of better materials to increase longevity and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

You can expect anything from low-carbon and biodegradable materials to energy efficiency and batteries with bigger capacities. Moreover, with a longer physical lifespan, a longer digital lifespan is likely to follow, as future phones may keep on receiving system and security updates for longer.

3. Low-Code and No-Code Software

Automation and creating an app for everything is becoming more important for everyone, from big enterprises to small businesses and even professional and amateur individuals. But extensive knowledge in multiple programming languages has always been a barrier.
As the name suggests, low-code and no-code are software-developing techniques that rely on visual elements to build software, such as dragging and dropping. While you shouldn’t expect code-based software to go away anytime soon, low-code and no-code alternatives can drastically cut the time needed to develop an app or software.

It also makes the technology accessible to anyone and everyone with an idea, allowing individuals to design apps, not just whole teams of developers.

4. 5G Becoming Mainstream

If there’s one thing that will keep evolving with time, it’s faster internet speeds. With 4K content available on YouTube and multiple streaming platforms, faster and more reliable internet is needed to stream the content without constant buffering. Not to mention, 8K is just around the corner.

5G is significantly faster than 4G, delivering 20Gbps at its peak and averaging over 100Mbps, and Thailand is actually ahead of many western countries in rolling out 5G.

5. AI Everywhere

There’s a limit to how smart a computer can be without the help of AI. But, as more people expect websites and gadgets to meet their every need, AI is stepping in.

We’re beginning to see traces of the trend now but expect an explosion of AI-powered gadgets, apps, websites, and tools in 2022. It’ll become harder to differentiate chatbots from human customer support agents. Also, future content recommendations on social media and streaming websites are likely to come from an AI rather than traditional data analysis.

6. Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are going to become a thing of the past. As AI and ML become smarter, even the strongest passwords can be broken into with enough time. After all, there’s a limit to how long and complex a password can be before it’s no longer convenient to use.

We’re likely to witness a gradual shift towards passwordless authentication using mobile devices, tokens, and even biometrics almost everywhere and you’ll also be much safer and less prone to brute force and phishing attacks.

7. Virtual Reality for Everyone

With more affordable technology, smart AI, and faster internet with 5G, Virtual Reality (VR) will become more widely available and more realistic than ever. You can expect to see VR implemented in areas outside of entertainment. For example, researchers, students, and medical professionals can use VR to learn more about abstract and complex topics.

Similarly, remote workers can use VR to partake in virtual meetings and participate in the work culture. AI, ML, powerful computers, and cutting-edge photography and animation tech can help create more realistic 3D images and video content.

The Best Is Yet to Come

Many technological innovations expected to hit the market in 2022 are still in their early stages. Later in the year, as more research is put into them, we’re likely to see their refined versions.

Technology that’ll launch in 2022 will as always be a stepping stone for more cutting-edge advancement that’ll shortly follow.