“SCB DBANK” to launch comprehensive “SPRING UP” health platform application



Siam Commercial Bank digital banking function “SCB DBANK” is partnering with Mahidol University and Good Doctor Technology Thailand to advance the Thai health tech market, combining technological capabilities with sports science and nutrition expertise to create seamless health experiences for Thais through a new “SPRING UP” mobile application. The new digital health platform has been designed to integrate three important features: Food, Fitness, and Telemedicine, helping users to achieve health goals with nutrition plans and personalized exercise plans specifically designed to suit individual users, while easing their worries whenever they feel unwell or experience health issues with convenient, easy-to-use online healthcare consulting services within a single application. With the goal of providing users access to holistic healthcare, the new application is now available and aims for over two million downloads by the end of 2022.

“SCB DBANK is committed to creating a digital lifestyle ecosystem driven by data as the key to better understand customers and mobilize businesses,” said Siam Commercial Bank Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Banking Officer (SCB DBANK) Dr. Chalee Asavathiratham. “SCB DBANK aspires to develop and upgrade financial products and solutions to help raise the bar for unique service experiences for customers in every aspect. With Health Tech being one of the ecosystems gaining more and more importance, SCB DBANK has joined with sports science and nutrition knowledge expert Mahidol University and Good Doctor Technology Thailand, a leading regional digital technology-based healthcare provider specializing in telemedicine. Together we have developed the “SPRING UP” one-stop digital health platform focusing on three major features: Food, Fitness, and Telemedicine, which we are confident will receive a positive response and offer inspiration for those seeking to live well. With digital technology as a key driver, it will help users access healthcare for a better quality of life. We believe the application will draw over two million subscribers by the end of 2022.”
Prof. Banchong Mahaisavariya, M.D., President of Mahidol University, said, “The arrival of technology has changed everyone’s lives, including how we take care of our health in the modern era. With our specialization in healthcare areas, Mahidol University has combined its nutrition knowledge and expertise with sports science-based exercise to further enhance and develop the Food feature, recommending and notifying appropriate nutrition information for users. The feature enables users to take photographs of their food to automatically calculate nutritional requirements. It also features more than 5,000 Thai and international menus with in-depth nutrition data, allowing users to plan their meals appropriately. The Fitness feature has been designed to recommend exercise plans with more than 200 exercise demonstration videos and programs created by experts from Mahidol University, helping users more easily achieve their exercise goals. We are sure that this novel application will help improve health conditions by offering everyone one-stop access to healthcare.”
Dr. Sudihichai Chokekijchai, Head of the Medical Team of Good Doctor Technology Thailand (GDTT), said, “We are very pleased to work with a partner like SCB DBANK, which has a vision of enabling technology utilization and reducing healthcare accessibility gaps to inclusively provide health services to Thai people. Through this partnership, we have stepped in to provide our Telemedicine functionality, one of the key features of the “SPRING UP” application. This feature will proactively enable people to better and more efficiently take care of their health and wellness, instead of seeking consultation from doctors only when they feel unwell. By integrating online medical consultation service with SPRING UP’s unlimited chat system, users will be able to adopt a preventative holistic approach to managing their health when they are unwell or experiencing health issues. Services will be provided under the digital platform’s rigorous quality standard. We help ensure that the application will achieve that goal, while quickly and safely delivering prescription drugs to patients.”
The “SPRING UP” digital health platform is a fit and firm assistant, helping users to achieve health goals and maintain optimum internal and external well-being with nutrition and exercise plans designed exclusively for individuals. The platform is a powerful tool to proactively manage health and wellness, while easing stress and anxiety when users feel unwell or experience health problems with online, convenient, and easy-to-use medical consultation services, and comes with three main features:
⦁ FOOD: Free! Nutrition facts and alerts for users recommended by Mahidol University experts. The feature lets users track their performance by taking pictures of their meals so the app can calculate nutrition, while offering a list of more than healthy 5,000 Thai and international menus.
⦁ FITNESS: Free! Personalized exercise plans recommended by Mahidol University experts to enable users to achieve their exercise goals more easily, featuring more than 200 exercise video clips.
⦁ TELEMEDICINE: Unlimited chats with doctors for any health and wellness related questions or concerns, and receive home-delivered medications from leading regional health technology company Good Doctor Technology Thailand.
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For those seeking to be fit and firm inside and out, the complete “SPRING UP” online health platform is now available for download at:
⦁ Link for download: onelink.t/…/7a4nu9
Source: Siam Commercial Bank