BAFS debuts its EV Hydrant Dispenser in a first for Thailand and Southeast Asia


Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services (BAFS) recently unveiled a 100% electrically powered aviation refueling vehicle, or EV Hydrant Dispenser – the first in Thailand and Southeast Asia. It can reach a maximum distance of 170 kilometers and refuels an average of eight flights on a single full charge, providing a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel-powered refueling trucks.

M.L. Nathasit Diskul, President of Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services (BAFS), a leading aircraft refueling service provider in Southeast Asia, along with teams of executives and employees of Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited and Thai Air Asia Company Limited, joined together to launch an electric refueling vehicle (BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle) in which BAFS provided the refueling service for Air Asia flight FD3029 traveling from Don Mueang-Phuket at Don Mueang International Airport in mid-November. Additionally, this marks the inaugural flight using electric vehicles in the aviation service business in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The battery electric vehicle (BEV) in the hydrant dispenser is produced by Spain’s ITURRI, the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft refueling vehicles, in collaboration with BAFS Intech Co., Ltd., a design and assembly aviation refueling vehicles and aviation ground service equipment provider in Thailand and a subsidiary of BAFS Group. The electric refueling vehicle uses 100% electric power, generating zero emissions from the engine. It can reach a maximum distance of 170 kilometers and provides an average of eight refueling flights on a single full charge, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 90% compared to diesel-powered refueling trucks.

“With over 30-years of expertise in the aviation refueling service and management business meeting internationally recognized procedures and standards in the energy business, BAFS is committed to operating in accordance with sustainability guidelines by developing and deploying advanced technologies that increase the capability of aviation fuel services. The company also strives to take the country’s competitiveness to the next level and create a better quality of life for society while reducing environmental impacts. Last year, BAFS began servicing an electric refueling vehicle or a fully electric-powered cart at Don Mueang Airport, which also received positive feedback. This time, BAFS recently made history by refueling aircraft using a new electric refueling vehicle that will help drive its business operation towards a target of net zero carbon dioxide emissions, in response to BAFS Group’s mission to ‘Uplift and Power the World to New Heights,'” concluded M.L. Nathasit.