gettgo wins Best New Comparison Website in Thailand 2021 Award


gettgo, a comprehensive insurance comparison platform for the new generation, was awarded Best New Comparison Website in Thailand 2021 by The Global Economics, one of the UK’s leading financial publications. This accolade is part of the Annual Global Economics Awards program for the insurance sector, aiming to annually recognise insurance-related companies for their best business innovations and best value propositions.

Mr. Tanat Jakrawatana, Managing Director of gettgo, speaking on winning the award, expressed that, “gettgo is proudly and humbly accepting of this prestigious award. We are grateful for The Global Economics’ recognition of our efforts to deliver what’s best for the customers.

In my view, it is difficult to conclude who really is ‘the Best platform’, since gettgo doesn’t compete or compare in order to dominate the market. Our only goal is to put as much effort into understanding what is in the best interests of consumers when it comes to finding the right insurance on online platforms. This is what we have always been doing, and we are very proud that our hard work is being recognised and appreciated on a satisfying level today.”

Mr. Tanat further added information about features of gettgo’s platform which can well serve what consumers are actually looking for in 2021, when there is high demand to display insurance comparison results in a convenient and transparent method. Moreover, consumers want freedom to decide their own insurance choices that suit different lifestyles. Hence, purchasing insurance merely based on word of mouth from family members, friends or insurance brokers is no longer enough today.

gettgo offers an ample range of insurance products which are more than enough to assimilate on-demand services ranging from health insurance, Covid-19 insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and more. The platform utilises a very smart search engine to discover insurance suitability for every individual’s conditions i.e. the cost they feel comfortable with, or specific policies to fit different needs. With this, the customers can thoroughly compare insurance side by side through product details and coverage for both life and non-life insurance from over 20 leading companies.

This is only the beginning of what gettgo has offered to customers during the past 3 years. Behind the scenes, the platform never stops improving. It maximises all of its capabilities and manpower to gather customer databases in all aspects such as purchase history, reviews, comments, complaints, or any other social mentions regarding the brand in order to create, improve, and develop the products and the website continuously. These factors all make up the secret recipe for the best online insurance comparison website making it worth every penny for the consumers.

In Q4 this year continuing to 2022, gettgo is preparing to launch several exciting projects, namely:

  • Collaboration with top life insurance companies to develop an exclusive end-to-end health insurance for Thais with lower purchasing power to suit the current economic circumstances. The platform sees the pain point where, although the ability to purchase is weaker, the demand for health-related protection is rising amidst the pandemic situation. It is timely for gettgo to provide the solution that helps people gain access to beneficial and worthwhile insurance as easily as possible.
  • Collaboration with platforms for employees’ flexible benefits to present top-class, bite-size insurance policies distributed to corporate staff through point redemption systems. This exercises how gettgo, as an avid InsurTech innovator, applies technology to make insurance access as straightforward and convenient as any point-redeemable consumer goods seen nowadays.

Moreover, gettgo is continuing to develop the search recommendation engine for health insurance platform that was launched in 2020 to continue to make sure that the customers can find the best plans within their budget range. All in all, the projects above demonstrate gettgo’s direction and desire to make progress with innovations and technologies as an InsurTech company, so that choosing insurance products can truly become everyone’s simple task.

About gettgo

gettgo is an online insurance comparison website founded in 2018 under Muang Thai Broker Co., Ltd. Its establishment is in line with the mission to create a platform to accommodate consumer behaviors in the digital age, with the need to compare products by themselves before deciding to purchase them online. Thus, gettgo wants to create the experience of comparison and online insurance purchases that are convenient and quick, with simple language and filtered and essential data, without forcing unnecessary coverage on users. In this regard, gettgo offers a selection of online insurance, including motor insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and COVID insurance. Most recently, in the last quarter of 2020, gettgo has added health and life insurance products to respond to the increasing trends of health over the past few years.