Seven Steps to starting an online business – Step 3 – Facebook , Google Ads


Once you have a basic website or Clickfunnel page up and running for your business then you need to start driving traffic.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is by using paid advertising to drive relevant traffic to your site or page.

We are going to discuss the two best paid online advertising methods which are Google Adwords & Facebook ads.

Google Adwords is the world’s most sophisticated online advertising platform and can be off putting for newbies as it is complex and can easily run away with your advertising budget if not properly controlled.

Google Ads allow you to place ads in front of people as they are searching for your product or service. You can also place ads on the Google Display network or even on Youtube.

The ROI is typically higher on the Google Search Network than the Display Network or Facebook as you are showing ads to people who are actively searching not showing ads to people based on their interests. This means that cost per click is much higher but there is also a much higher chance of achieving a sale.

The basics of Google search advertising include setting up an account at, you can choose to pay by credit card and make either pre or post payments. Then selecting a number of keywords from the Google keyword planner which are relevant to your product or service and writing ads to match those keywords.

It is very important to take advantage of keyword match types in Google search advertising so that you are in control of exactly which keywords your ads are shown for.

AdWords Keyword
There are a number of Udemy courses available where you can learn both Google Adwords and Facebook advertising and it is strongly advisable to undergo some training before attempting to set up ads by yourself.

Facebook ads allow you to show ads to users on their timeline or in the sidebar as they browse Facebook based on their interests and usage history.

The cost per click on Facebook is typically lower than Google Ads, however the chance of getting a sale is often lower as the ads are shown to people who may be interested in your product based on their demographics, not people who are actively searching for your product.

Facebook has a lot of different targeting options and you can target users based on their job description, pages they have visited recently, relationship status, whether they have an upcoming birthday or not or have friends with upcoming birthdays.

Whether you choose to use Google Ads or Facebook ads or both, it is highly recommended to get some training before you do this to maximise your chances of making money with these platforms. Different training options include taking an online course through a platform such as Udemy, private one to one training or taking a group course in Bangkok. If you would like further information about training on Facebook or Google Ads please contact Gemma by email, [email protected]