Key Visa remains a great expat resource


Key Visa remains a great expat resource

From renewing passports to obtaining visas for Thai nationals, Pattaya-based company Key Visa has been regarded as one of the best and, particularly important, most trustworthy in the field.

Key Visa Company has been trading and helping clients from all over Thailand for almost 15 years. At the helm of Key Visa since its inception is Darren McGarry, the main visa consultant and the driving force behind the European-style of doing business in Thailand.

His style of doing business and the effectiveness of his service can be gauged by the amount of repeat business Key Visa has generated and by the amazing number of people who are prepared to use them even though they may be domiciled in Bangkok, or elsewhere in Thailand, rather than in Pattaya itself.

Key Visa has built up a strong position within the Australian community in recent years, utilising their knowledge and access to the system to arrange passport renewals and, just as importantly, arranging for Thai nationals to obtain visas to travel Down Under.

Key Visa’s reputation for quality work within the British and Irish expatriate communities and their specialized knowledge of the workings of the passport renewals process and visa applications process for Britain and Ireland has been well and truly translated to the Australian sphere as well.

Passport renewal is, after all, one of the more onerous tasks expatriates have to undertake, involving a lot of filling in forms and obtaining confirmation signatures and then spending time and energy attending the embassy.

This is where Key Visa’s expertise helps to take away the hassle. The Key Visa service includes document checking, colour photocopies, making the appointment to submit the passport application to the relevant embassy in Bangkok and the collecting of the Australian, British or Irish passport when it is ready.

Darren suggests expats follow a simple few steps to avoid being left in limbo with their passport renewal.

First, never leave renewing your passport until the last minute. Darren suggests you begin the process of renewal when you still have from nine months to a year’s validity remaining.

Second, never wait until you have almost run out of pages in your passport. When you are over the half-way mark of filling the pages, you should consider ordering a new document.

Third, you can start the process by downloading the necessary forms from the relevant embassy websites.

Fourth, as part of their service, Key Visa will check your documents and arrange for an appointment with the embassy. Key Visa staff will take your application to Bangkok and submit the paperwork. When the new passport is ready, Key Visa staff will collect it and arrange for you to pick up the new document.

Darren is well known for being a point of contact in case of visa problems and is well known by Immigration officials and Embassies alike. Darren has also been the visa and Immigration advisor to the Pattaya Expats Club for almost 11 years.

Darren wishes to continue giving a friendly, honest and no money up front service for many years to come and is especially grateful for all the support he has received from his clients over the years, and is looking forward to having the same kind of relationship with future clients.

To contact Key Visa please give Darren a call on 081 004 5397 or visit their website for a full list of their services: