Death of a Salesman by Google


Death of a Salesman by Google

On September 15th 1997, Google was born. Over the last 19 years its revolutionary way of delivering web content to users based on relevance and quality marked a significant change in the way that consumers choose suppliers.

So much so that it has almost rendered an entire industry extinct – sales people your time is up…

The days of the cheesy salesman are over (thankfully), cold calling is a dying business and personalised online user experiences with copy that converts are the way we have to get used to doing business.

Did you know that at least 50% of supplier choices are now made before a consumer speaks to a sales person?

Right now someone could be deciding whether to spend their money with you or your competitors, without you even knowing!

You could be about to lose out on a deal that you weren’t even aware of!

These days some of the very first interactions that consumers have with your business is the content on your website and in your online ads – get this wrong and you could be losing money without even realising.

But get it right and welcome to a world where you can effectively print your own money as your website becomes your own online sales and marketing team.

Copy that converts and leads users into a sales funnel where you can show them answers to their questions is one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools that a business can have. This allows you to provide solutions to their problems and deliver personalised messages based on their individual needs. .

Do this right and you will be head and shoulders above your competitors. The reality is that your website will now have earned the title of “your best salesperson!”

As a business owner, your personal input into your website content is hugely important, after all you know your business better than anyone.

So when you are choosing a professional copywriter it’s imperative to choose someone who is willing to meet with you personally to discuss your requirements, possibly visit your business, meet your team and really get an insight into your everything you do before they consider putting pen to paper. It’s also a great idea to make sure that your chosen copywriter has experience in your industry if possible, this can often be the deciding factor when choosing between writers.

Why do I need personalised content?

What happens when people visit your website and then leave without taking an action?

Just like popping into your shop, taking a look around and then leaving without making a purchase, how do you reach out to those people and show them products which may be of interest?

How do you show them special offers to entice them back to your store?

With a remarketing campaign based on your users needs, you can show them ads tailored to the pages they have visited or products they have viewed on your site. This powerful marketing tool means that you can reach out to users with material they are interested in, even after they have left your website.

If you need help setting up your remarketing campaign please call or email me and just let me know that you read my article in Business Supplement and I will be happy to give you a free 30 minute consultation.

Personalising your content based on people’s geographic location or their previous visits to your site is a great way to connect with your users and turn browsers into buyers. You can easily deliver personalised content to your users through the WordPress platform by installing Unique UX plugin from the plugin directory.

The world of sales and marketing is changing, are you moving with it or being left behind?

Remember that your website and content speaks volumes about your business, make sure that it’s telling your potential customers what you want them to hear.

Make your first impression the right impression with content that delivers.